Until, we meet again…

Close up of mother or older sister and a child hands at the sunset


I loved to walk with you,
Holding hands together,
I loved that slow pace,
No hurry, no race.

I can swear,
I always wanted to take care,
I always wanted to be by your side,
In all walks and rides.

I never wanted to leave you alone,
But for reasons unknown,
I am left here,
And you went there.

Trust me, my love for you is true,
I always wanted to be with you,
But, still I was unable to stop you,
Neither I was able to come to you.

I never wanted you to go alone anywhere,
How can I now take care?
How to know if you are tired or not?
How to know if you are comfortable or not?

I really don’t know what to do?
All my routine tasks are linked with you,
I wanted to do so much for you,
But my dreams just turned untrue.

I always loved to share and discuss,
There was never a barrier between us,
I am unaware of the reason,
Which separated us apart.

There was nothing in my life,
That you didn’t knew,
I do not know now,
How to live without you?

I feel miserable,
I feel uncomfortable,
But, my inner voice,
Speaks to console,

You are in my breaths,
And you are in my prayers,
You are in my dreams,
And, I can still care.

I may not be with you,
But, my heart is with you,
And I can just ensure,
That my love for you is pure

I just hope you are fine,
That’s all I want at this time.
I want your well-being,
And your happiness.

My mind keeps wandering,
Different thoughts revolving,
Words of comfort,
Gets over ridden by guilt.

I can never forgive myself
That I didn’t came there with you.
Not able to do anything for you,
Pinches me whole day through,

I am in the queue,
Someday I will meet you,
Please stay connected,
Until, we meet again…



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