# 9 : FUTURE

It’s good to plan your future but it’s not good to worry about your future.

But, if you are not able to implement your plan, doesn’t it accompany worry automatically?

6 thoughts on “# 9 : FUTURE

  1. planning is based on one’s intellect and sincerity/honesty of person,if you have tried whole-heartedly,there is nothing to worry coz you did it to perfection from resources you had.

    well akanksha,if you want to write or discuss serious topics in your blog,you should be brave enough too to accept criticism or facts.otherwise its better to stick to girlie stuff.if you ignore or block/delete critics,it will make your blog barren.
    BARREN BLOG=blog without comments and readers.its just a tip about blogging.

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    • Hello,
      First of all, I would like to know, who told you I take criticism negatively? And, second thing is, as a reader you can advice but not control & tell what I have to think and what I have to write about? As a writer I have freedom to express what satisfies me, & as a reader you too have liberty to comment what you want. But, no one is bound to accept what the other says… it’s totally upto you to agree or not with what other person is saying.
      Its not always right or wrong, its not always correct or incorrect, its not always this way or that way. There are instances where you have two different path for same destination, two different approaches. “Difference in OPINIONS” does not always mean that one is absolutely right & other absolutely wrong.
      And last but not the least, I am unable to understand how come you thought of giving me this advice on this particular post?

      Now about the first part of your comment, I would like to point out that there are numerous things that will not happen the way you planned. We end up saying its will of GOD, its destiny but whatever it is…life never moves the way we plan. So, actually its not always about how perfectly I planned but how perfectly I am able to cope up with the deviations/variations in my plan.

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      • wow ,you got me wrong.you can think whatever you want.it was just an advice after going through your replies and unpublished comments on your home page.am plain speaking guy and i speak my mind.am writing since 2004 and i have come across lots of blogs and individuals with certain thinking pattern or approach towards blog readers.if i want to get into just criticism or bashing,i don’t write under your unsolved mysteries.there is no such thing called mystery in this world,everything in this world is defined with clarity to perfection.what makes anything mystery is ignorance,when this ignorance vanishes from your mind,you don’t find anything mysterious in this world.

        when it comes to my comments here,you and i think different.problem here is,i can understand your lines,you are unable to understand/perceive my lines..its really suffocating when someone can’t understand meaning of your lines.well i can understand that,you are new to blogging and thinking process.we convey things based on our experiences in this world and our experiences vary according to our personalities based on parenting,environment we are brought up and individual thinking capabilities.

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        • Hi..
          yup probably there is no such thing called mystery in this world…no such thing called impossible but again definitions vary with people. One person see life as complex puzzle & other as a smooth sailing path. It all depends on your circumstances, experiences, perceptions & ofcourse your own mindset & thinking pattern.
          And, about your suffocation , I can just say when you write try to be crystal clear, and try to present a better picture to your readers. It depends on reader’s ability also to understand but then that’s why writing is also an art. We shall try 2 write in a manner which is easy to comprehend by readers.

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  2. that was my last comment.i don’t stick to one blog,i chose blog in random and i write comments when there is something incomplete.

    keep writing and my wishes for your psychological evolution.

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