8 thoughts on “# 2 : PERCEPTION

  1. this world had definite population and this population has definite number of perceptions.


    everything you perceive will be reality when you lead flawless life.

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      • i went through your home page,you have different approach towards life.well akanksha,long way to go when it comes to thinking.i can’t elaborate or explain those lines at this stage.people are two kinds,who are really good and people who act as good coz of their selfish,jealous,greedy nature.one can’t act good with really good coz they get caught easily coz its not their true nature.from my childhood i din’t had friends coz it takes me seconds to know whether person is faking emotions,sometimes being optimist, i did take risk and they din’t last more than 3 months even after i tried my best to adjust and get along.

        thinking starts when you are about 8-10 years old,its compulsion to learn things at that young age if you want to become self-learned or thinker.thinkers don’t live in others quotes or ideologies,they perceive things on their own.i never quote others in life coz its like killing our individuality and its showing people that our mind is slave to others thoughts to get comfort without straining mind..its not about narrow mindedness but to be original.

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        • Yes, I agree its best to be self-learned, to satisfy your own conscious, to justify your own judgments, to clarify your own doubts and to give meaning to your own observations.
          But, I do believe in sharing my thoughts with others and to read their thoughts as well just to be sure at times that I am on the right track.
          Though, there are most of the things for which we cannot define a boundary line of “right” & “wrong”. It may be just the difference in opinion, where several options may be correct and everyone chooses the one that pleases them the most.
          There is lots to learn and lots to explore, I believe, the more I interact, the more I add on to my learning.
          But, anyways Perception Differs 🙂
          You may feel the more you talk to yourself, the more clarity you get on your thoughts and observation.

          It was nice to go through your views. Thanks..!!

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  2. Yes it does matter. Your perception decides how the reality will affect you. On reading this I recalled one anonymous saying which may explain better – “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how i react to it”

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