Are you STRONG?



You ask me to be strong,
Strong against what?
The external circumstances,
The storm that blew my world away.
Or the internal emotions,
The Tsunami that’s showing me no way,
No reason to exist,
And it’s so difficult to resist.

My depression, my grief,
Can’t be concluded in brief.
It may be easy for you to say,
That I should stay in a normal way.
But, to see me cry,
To see me sad,
Is not an easy,
Thing to witness.

You are afraid to face this negativity,
You are unable to cope up with this adversity.
It is not about me,
It’s about you,
I am strong enough,
To be honest with my emotions,
But, you are coward,
You run away from reality,
You want me to portray,
All is right when it is not.

You ask me to stay positive,
In this difficult phase,
In this hard time, when,
I can’t even stay neutral.
But, what about you?
Are you positive yourself?
Do you have enough positivity?
To absorb my negativity.
It is not about me,
It’s about you,
You don’t have energy,
To deal with my negativity.

I am strong,
As I am honest,
To myself,
And to you,
But, what about you?
Are you strong, too?

true courage


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32 thoughts on “Are you STRONG?

  1. A very powerful and emotional post indeed. I personally believe that tears are divine messages from the soul whose true magnitude the words are incapable to express. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

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  2. Yes they are necessary to express the grief, take your time to heal but at the same time please always remember that you’ll always have my shoulder as a friend to cry on if you ever need it. I’ll be there for you without judging you in anyway ☺️

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  3. Perfect post.. I totally agree that tears are not the sign of weakness… It shows that we are still alive inside… It shows that we still feel for ourselves and for others… It shows that see we are dealing with our problems and not running from it; not trying to suppress our worries; not accumulating it.
    I am so happy after reading this poem… Great job👏👏

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  4. It’s a beautiful post. So brave. I loved the way you’ve woven your rawest emotions into words. Having said that, I feel tears sometimes are enlightening in a way clearing your head, unburdening your soul, which in fact makes your stronger rather than weak as perceived generally
    Keep writing. thanks for sharing this post 🙂

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    • I am glad to know that you liked this and even felt the emotions behind these words. And yes, tears to help in venting out thr pressure that builds inside me and even I believe if I let it out it unburdens my soul, thus strengthening it. Keeping such emotions inside create such a heavy feeling that it ends up in breaking us deep inside. I am trying to continue writing in this tough time. Many thanks for your comment and support.

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