What to Do… What to Say…?


This world constitutes of different energy levels, of varying frequencies, containing waves of both positivity & negativity. There is not a single instant when everyone will get tuned on either positive or negative wave. With this being the reality, it becomes so difficult to react in a particular situation.

I cannot be happy when people around me are not.
I cannot be happy when I am in trouble myself.

Some people say this is the result of being over-sensitive. One shall think practically. But, there are situations where being practical seems equivalent to being insensitive. It becomes even more difficult when the whole world is in festive mood, with the spirit of celebration & enjoyment and you or your closed ones are too disappointed to be a part of all this. We cannot say “No” to group celebrations on events like New Year (which is celebrated around the globe irrespective of community & religion). But, what worries me is how to prevent hurting someone who does not want to be a part of it. One who is in grief or depression and wants to be away from such gatherings. Isn’t it our social responsibility to give a comfort zone to those who really need it that time? But, the crowd often gets involved in pomp & show ignoring & leaving these depressed people alone. Close family members & friends are always a help but one can’t help facing celebrating mood of offices, markets & everywhere. They may land up getting even more depressed or irritated & this is the worst thing to happen.

I know it’s a weird question & a weird suggestion but can’t we change our ways of celebrating. After all celebration is not just eating, drinking, dancing & enjoying. It is about bringing happiness, smile, satisfaction or comfort in yours & others life.

Instead of distributing chocolates & candies, why don’t we just give food to the hungry?
Instead of putting glittering decorations, why don’t we just put some motivating slogans?
Instead of wishing happiness, why don’t we just wish healthiness?

Wishing happiness may seem irritating to people who are too depressed & feel like being disassociated with happiness forever. Wishing them to be happy may pinch / hurt them even more. So, this New Year please look around you and make sure you are not leaving anyone alone making them feel awkward. Hang out with someone who needs you most.

There is a saying, “Sukh Ke Sab Saathi Dukh Mein Na Koi”
i.e., you will see all around you in your good times but you may see yourself left alone during bad times.

It is not that we are all hard hearted or our fun & enjoyment is more important always. We are just unable to decide how to react, how to comfort those depressed people around us? Do they really want us around or do they want to be alone?

I don’t know what to do & what to say?

I will just pray GOD to keep everyone Healthy, Comfortable & in Peace.
O GOD, Please be KIND and give your Blessings to all….!!

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