Happy Mother’s Day…Love you Mummy :)

mdMummy, Mumma, Mom, Mother ——- The first relationship with which a child gets bonding.

The first feeling that a child gets – The feeling of belonging,  the feeling of togetherness. The everlasting bond built on the foundation of love & faith. Mother’s love and affection for a child is beyond compare. It’s the purest relations of all.

On this occasion of Mother’s Day approaching soon, I & my sister would like to dedicate this blog to our sweet, special, wonderful, adorable Mummy.

We don’t have words to define,
We don’t have sentences to explain,
For what we have are feelings,
Which are to be expressed…
What we have is love,
Which cannot be measured…
But, you know & we know,
Child & Mother is a bond,
Where the unsaid is understood,
And, you know & we know,
How much we both LOVE YOU 🙂

Wish you all the Happiness in Life…Stay healthy & stay happy to keep your sweet daughters happy too.


md quote

And here’s more by Nupur Rastogi on MOTHER’S DAY 🙂  http://ikebanaofnr.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/mothers-day/

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