Live and Let Live…!!

A small simple phrase yet so powerful – “Live and Let Live”.

Just think of the instances, when people around you poke their nose and try to interfere in your life. I think most of us have such interfering people around us & some of them must be here reading this. Now, they will have the justification…we don’t interfere …we Care… But always remember that… “Unwanted advices are never welcomed or respected”. I really hate people who try to intervene into my “personal boundaries”. If I feel you worthy enough to share my views with, I will do it myself. Then why am I asked so many questions which are none of your concern! Lot of conflicts and misunderstandings can be avoided if people around us understand this.

Here is a quote from Paulo Coelho – “Don’t explain your feelings. They belong to you.”

Still people ask for explanation….Why? It shall be my own decision to decide with whom to share and what to share. I really don’t understand why people are so much interested in gossiping about someone else’s life. If they have nothing else to do…they should put in their efforts to make their own life happening…. Really don’t understand from where people get patience and energy and interest to discuss happenings of someone else’s life….especially when that someone else is not your close acquaintance.

This blog is just an appeal to pass on this message of “Live and Let Live” and make this world a better place to live in.

17 thoughts on “Live and Let Live…!!

  1. Nice post. I like the shared quote: “Don’t explain your feelings. They belong to you.”
    All fingers are not same likewise People are of different types.We can’t change people but we can change ourselves.Many a times I have confronted this kinda situation.Sometimes I ignore the talks or else ignore the person itself.Infact I am lucky that I dn’t have a single friend who does back biting or loves to do useless talks about others life.Outside people we can always avoid them and their talks.


  2. unlike your first blog this one is small . . . it has got the short story effect in the end the reader hankers for more and the rest of it left to his/her imagination .

    A nice way of drafting . . . if i may say so . . . but what i feel is that the conflict lies somewhere else . . . you wanted to say many a thing but knew on a public platform you can’t . . . thereby the censored version becomes so arcane that only the initiated audience will understand . . . .

    being just another bystander on some one else’s journey called life . . . i will put my bet on the following . . . “either you are under constant pressure from your family circle or from your peer circle to take a stand . . . and that has created the conflict . . . ”

    in order to avoid that you tried introversion . . . as (not long ago) you have given up on that(character trait) and embraced an extrovert avatar . . . these two characteristic are now at war.

    And this battle is eating up your mind . . . see there is a fine line of difference between personal affairs and public affairs in one person’s life . . . we create it on our own . . . over time we create it and people around us starts respecting that . . . the moment we deviate . . . we start experimenting . . . these other fellows starts experimenting too . . . initially they help your cause . . . then they tweak thing so that their ends may be met too . . . by ends i mean social, financial and simply just becoming the best friend of some one . . . and it hurts them when they can’t reach there . . . in turn they start hurting us . . . and finally the relation gets strained even broken at times . . . at the same time i must also say everybody is not like that . . . but unconditional relationship is this world are rare and they are so pure . . . they feel like magic . . .

    so before its too late . . . my simple advice would be . . . redraw your boundaries again . . . it will help you to avoid conflict


  3. Very right!!! It is not only others who interfere sometimes when your mood is not right your mind is thinking something then your own people talking in between will look like an interference. After all we all are human beings and each one’s mind fluctuates with sitautions. Therefore people should not be taken granted if they laugh and talk. I feel one laughs more will have more thoughts and pain inside. To avoid showing it out they laugh. so lets understand each one’s importance and respect others feelings and stop interfering in one’s life. yes your right akanksha We should live and let live…


  4. Nice and crispy. But nevertheless, actually I have positive feeling about this,may be this is unconventional. Ofcourse I dont like those who try to interfere in my personal things, but, think this way, we learn from others a lot, so may be many of us tries to gain an insight into other peoples personal things and tries to learn from those so as to avoid some bad things from effecting one’s own self. And in turn they give you something in return, you come to know whether to avoid that person or to start sharing your feelings with that person since that person may have helped you in some or the other way. So actually I dont get angry when someone tries to interfere, rather I try to find out the motive of that person.


    • Ya….even I don’t get angry…but I get irritated… especially when that person is not my close acquaintance…when there is no motive… and still they feel so concerned about what is happening in my life.. ??
      I ignore them and there talks… but it would have been much better if they understand their boundaries and my boundaries…!!


  5. Great thought…………One third of our energy we waste just by gossiping ……..comparing our self with others………without trying to introspect our self and deeds….. some of us get the extreme happiness in doing this…..Today the media is all about this…. Whether that is big boss or aaj tak breaking news….To have privacy has become a great issue.


  6. Nice blogbuster…
    Live & let Live – exactly… but where do we draw lines and how far and when…? It does depend on the situational factors, circumstances and the personal/professional experiences to decide when one can easily say, ‘leave me alone…’ or that’s the moment when u seek solitude or would like to remain in your own space!! I guess Interference happens when we ourselves allow it…!! We need to be firm, clear and objective in what messages we give out to others…

    Agreed that some nuisance humans do exist whose main agenda is to poke their noses and what not into other people’s affairs. Still, if we can’t change them… So, it becomes one’s responsibility to know how to tackle these ppl & deal or avoid them…

    If people are annoying on face, after politeness doesn’t work, it is high time to give it straight when they cross the lines… most times, you have to just listen to what they tell so as to avoid confusions & get done with it… If people create gossips about you behind your back, better to ignore it & u anyways will not be aware about it…!

    Women (includes myself) have this tendency of speaking more than required & that maybe b’coz they are wired to be that way – some brainy/structural/emotional/hormones etc. but again that doesn’t give them the right to speak endlessly about others…(I do keep check on my own tendencies & know when I hav crossed the limits)

    The problem with ‘live & let live’ is when it has be dealt with ur immediate family including your over-caring mom!! But, then with close people it is like this – “Those who mind, don’t really care…. Those who care, don’t really mind!!”

    You can’t ask for your space but make space for yourself in this tongue-wagging world. Telling another to stop prying/interfering/gossiping wud mean we are wasting our own time!! At times, being rude is better than being bad! We should all try to be unaffected & be calm… This is our challenge!


    • Yup…its right that we cannot control ours…what is in our hands is how we respond to such situations… But, its not always possible to ignore them… because a person is never judged by one quality… If a person has 10 good qualities and 1 bad quality of interfering ..then it becomes a difficult task for me…as I cannot ignore that person .. But due to over interference I don’t know how to explain them and define my boundaries to them… If I make it straightforward… people take it as rudeness and your relationship comes to an end…
      So , in such cases I feel the only option is to tolerate a little and to avoaid a little… But, I really wish if they could understand this message…it would be good for them as well as me..


  7. I agree with you entirely, great post:-) Sometimes it’s not easy if we see someone we perceive to be suffering and yet they’ve not asked for our help so to intervene would be to interfere. Sometimes it’s a difficult balance – but I despise idle gossip and those who want to change and control us for their own benefit, or even purely for entertainment.


  8. Thank you for sharing. Too many people try to impress us by thinking they can solve all our problems if we do things their way. Enough of that. These are my boundaries, please respect them. If I want advice i’ll either ask for it or open a fortune cookie thank you.


  9. I really enjoyed reading this post.
    This is a message I think a lot many people need to learn.
    I think there was a time even I did this thing justified under the disguise of care, well I don’t know how much was it care or poking, but it was exhausting.Live and let live and please don’t be judgemental is a lesson I’ve learned and I think we all should consciously try bringing that in our attitudes.
    Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

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