# 7 : PAST

Good experiences – Remember the past, and move forward. They give us confidence.

Bad experiences – Forget the past , and move forward. They give us learning.

Isn’t it difficult to react in a different manner , to filter, what you have to keep & what you have to discard based on outcomes of your experiences?

Sometimes, it starts with a good experience & ends with a bad experience. What to do in such cases?

2 thoughts on “# 7 : PAST

  1. ok, i will give you an example from my personal life.

    when it comes to people and relations,am sensibly emotional and attached.when i broke with my first gf,i was desperate for her to come back to me though its her fault,i gave up my ego to take extra step to get her back ,but she din’t had same magnitude of love i had for her though she was the first one who tried for me for 18months to befriend me.i never saw her face after that and i don’t have any feelings for her.people don’t leave you if they are true and if they leave you,coming back to you is dependent on moral grounds and circumstances.
    when i got second gf,same situation repeated and i kept myself away from girls for sometime coz sharing your emotions and personal info every time with a new person dilutes your personality and makes your emotions hollow or half-hearted.i can’t have a relation if emotions are not natural,so i stay away.

    but in the end,sometimes i get my past memories of my first gf in my dreams and that keeps me emotionally disturbed the whole day.but i don’t want her back coz she is not true.hmm it happens when you are single and when your mind is not occupied with new relationship.

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    • Hi…

      Your experience fits well for above case. But, its not just limited to relationships. It can be just anything. A friend of mine met a minor accident driving Scooty & then never ever dared to touch a two wheeler. It’s sort of phobia when you land up into some unpleasant experience. And at times its just baseless. My question was how to get rid of that?
      Also, at times there are people who are too scared / afraid of some adventure…& once they get through it positively they become over-confident. Again, I have seen a friend got injured because of such over-confidence & carelessness.

      So, it’s like good experience will motivate you to drive at 100kmph & bad experience will guide you to quit driving and in both cases you are at extremes. What life demands is to move at a constant pace, to learn from experiences, to gain confidence from experiences but not to move on extremes. We shall stay in a bandwidth which keeps us moving safely and at a required pace.

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