The Final Destination of DEPARTING SOULS


We always talk of life and we always talk on how to live but how much we will live is so uncertain. So, let’s initiate a topic that is more certain – DYING.

What after we die? Where do we go? What happens to us, our existence, and our identity?

Almost all religions and cultures across the world have acceptance on one fact – It’s the body that dies, soul is eternal. Some believes in heaven and hell only. Some see a third path also that leads to salvation (“Moksha”). Some believe in re-birth of soul in new form, new body and some do not.

Now, what is the purpose of our lives, when we have to leave the body and everything behind? And what is the purpose of our soul which is eternal? The fact is that as humans, we are supposed to enrich our soul. Human form is considered to be the best form to enrich our soul as humans have brains, senses, controls and resources in abundance compared to all other living species. Another truth is that irrespective of fact that we try to enrich our souls or not, it will surely depart one day. What will be its final destination depends on many factors.

We humans are here to tune our soul to the frequency which resonates with that of God. For this our actions, our deeds, our behavior and our faith in God everything contributes. And as soon as soul reaches this frequency, it rushes away to absorb in much bigger source of this frequency, to absorb in Almighty God. But, this source lies in other realm where the body cannot travel. So, it’s only the soul that travels, leaving behind the body. As soon as soul reaches this frequency, the frequency of heart beats comes to halt. To attain something, we have to leave something. When our soul attains Salvation, “Moksha”, we have to leave the body behind. Once Salvation is achieved, there are no more re-births. God themselves come to absorb these souls. The departing soul leaves peacefully, without pain, without fear, without any trouble. The soul is immersed in God. The soul is God. It’s just like a river merging in Ocean. Once it’s merged, its ocean itself.

But, what about those whose soul do not attain this frequency. There are souls that are not pure enough to achieve this frequency. Again there will be two categories, leading to two different paths. In such cases soul do not exit peacefully for absorption in God. In such cases, the soul is extracted by God’s messengers, and as it is done forcefully.

Again there are two paths-

There may be people who tried to do best but unintentionally lacked any criteria. For instance, some wrong action, some inappropriate behavior, improper or no faith in God, or just a destiny’s twist due to which they were not able to focus on attaining the required frequency. If the overall attitude remains positive, kind and helpful, such souls are taken away by God’s messenger forcefully but with care, minimizing discomfort and pain. The departing soul may feel little discomfort while leaving but is not afraid and leaves peacefully. Such souls go to HEAVEN and after some time-frame take re-birth.

However, there may be people who were intentionally or unintentionally involved in wrong doings, bad deeds, unacceptable behaviors, jealousy, cruelty, injustice etc. For such souls the departing process is very painful. They are taken away by God’s messenger forcefully and no mercy is shown while extracting these souls. The departing soul start feeling immense pain and discomfort much before leaving. The departing soul is afraid and leaves with a very painful process. Such souls usually go to HELL for some time-frame and take re-birth.

You may not be able to judge a person when alive. There are people doing bad deeds but portraying a false good image, there are people with dual faces – good for some and bad for others, there are people who feel jealous, who curse others. But, you can always know, how the person was by knowing the way soul has departed.

Only good souls depart peacefully.

Only pure souls absorb in God.

Before it is too late,

Choose your path and

Choose your ultimate destination.

Our journey from life to death is

The only journey that cannot be avoided.

Plan your journey and your destination well.


5 thoughts on “The Final Destination of DEPARTING SOULS

  1. We are only repeating the words of others. We are saying soul beacuse we heard about it.
    Just try to get in resonance of that frequency.
    Then write as per your experience. Without self experience its only some words / peace of paper.


  2. Hi Akanksha,
    You asked me to tell you my viewpoint so here it is 🙂 First I want to say that my point of view comes from years of introspection, of searching, from experiencing, and also from speaking to my spirit guide. Second, all the answers are inside of you because there is no separation between you and God, you are a part of him as much as he is a part of you but you are not him, so you will not ever get lost in merging with the oneness, you will always retain your “personality”. Your purpose is to advance thru experience but what are you trying to accomplish with your life on a soul level? The only way to figure that out is to go deep inside yourself, know yourself, and seek the answer there thru your higher self. I personally do not believe there is a heaven or a hell or a good/bad, there’s just an absence of good or bad or the other side of good or bad. Things are not so black and white, nor are they so final. Not matter what you read, or learn, or study about God, the soul, and other such things, what really speaks to you? What resonates with you? Those are things you should focus on and learn more about. No one human being has all the answers, no one book has all the answers, but your soul does, so listen to your soul when you are ruminating these things and you will find your answer and your purpose.

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    • Hi Diana,
      I understand and I agree with the fact that all answers are within me but in times of grief and depression, everything appears dark. I am trapped by negativity in and around me and I am unable to see any escape route for now. Hope, I will be able to listen to my soul someday.


  3. There goes a quote that states “the boundaries between life and death are so vague that one may never know where the one ends and where the other begins” thanks for sharing such a great post!

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