How LOUD Shall I …..????????


How loud shall I speak for you to hear…??

Is it that you are not so near…?

Or my voice is not clear…?

Or is it that you never hear…?

How loud shall I talk…??

To the one who seems to hear the unspoken…

Who seems to listen the unsaid…

Who seems to feel the unmoved…

Is it illusion…. Or is it impatience…??

Are you too busy ….?

Or I am in a long queue…?

I know its not easy..

But for you its not difficult too…

I am looking here and there…

For the one who is everywhere..

How loud shall I speak to break the silence…??

Its been a long time of one way communication…

How long shall I wait…??

Though I hv full faith…

But its getting too late….

But this exam is for both of us…

U r testing my faith in U…

And I am testing ur faith in me…?

Let’s c who passes through this exam……????????????

9 thoughts on “How LOUD Shall I …..????????

    • gr8 …… a true inner voice.
      @ Rahul : if he passes the exam she will be at seventh sky and automatically you will be known who passes the Exam.

      few year back i have seen the movies bruce almighty and itc copy “god tussi great ho.”. These movies have one sceen in which the god give his power to actor and suddenly actor start begging in front of god……. why?

      because actor was just felt that he will be deaf because of noice….. but was it really a noice? NO………………….
      it was the prayers those were made by the people of earth…….
      so i think we have increased our population to that much extend that now the prayers have become the noise polution.
      And he is unable to listen us , so he just stop to listen. OR he has just install a filter so only those voice will be reach to him which have the strength to pass the filter
      so all of us need to loud at our fullest power so that it will pass the filter or filter will be burst.


      • thnx…rahul and prashant…

        Prashant….wat I feel is GOD is so capable..n so efficient…tat HE can monitor, rule, hear and see all his creations on earth…HE can do multitasking…
        And I don’t think there is any filter…..It seems HE is listening and ignoring….probably…there are others in queue…who r more needy…..probably I am asking fr sumthng I don’t deserve….I don’t know wat its exactly…Its UNSOLVED MYSTERY….
        Bt I still have faith…
        and I vil wait…


  1. You shud just say it so loud that ur soul can hear it,
    you shud say it so loud that it leaves the impact and echo…
    you should say it so loud that the words get imprinted…
    say it by your heart and it will reach His heart …
    I am sure he also decides by heart..
    “Ek pukaar dil se dil tak.. dhadkan se dhadkan tak…
    ek umeed … ek asha …
    pookartay raho poora honey tak !



    • Its a real positive and optimistic thinking….
      but one needs hell lot of patience ….
      seems lik its exam of my patience…
      But, as always…ur words hv filled new positive energy in me….

      Hope that ur words become true one day…


  2. FYI- you don’t need to shout or even speak GOD can hear and read your thoughts. If you truly want to find him he will let himself be found by you. If you are sincere pray in your heart and mind and call out and ask him to show you who he is. He will come to you. Be ready for his answer. It may not be what you expected. He has a name. He’s wonderful and the Almighty God! The only TRUE GOD!


    • bringing the positivity… yup..i agree wat all u said… n i hv full faith in GOD.. Its jst tat at times v becum too impatient 2 wait probably…
      Bt.. I really agree and believe.. tat a pure voice fm my heart vil surely reach GOD & HE vil surely bless me wid wat HE thinks is BEST fr me… N I shall be ready 2 accept all tat HE gives as his blessings.. 🙂
      Thanks again for ur realistic comment..!!


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