Re-living Memories


With the year ending,
Everyone is looking forward,
For the new beginning,
But, I want to look backward,
For my future is distressing,
But the past was pleasing.

When people are full of hope,
For new dreams to come true,
I am busy finding how to cope,
With the fact that old days,
Old times, old memories,
Never come back to you.

If I had a time machine,
To travel back in time,
If I had an option,
To take U-turn
If I could rewind,
To gather what is left behind.

I would prefer to go back,
And be together again,
With my loved ones,
Without sorrow and pain,
I would love to travel back,
To my Happy World Again!!


18 thoughts on “Re-living Memories

  1. Interesting perspective…. I am a nostalgic myself and love the past for itself… even the unfortunate past… and yet… if I had a time travel machine I wouldn’t go back…

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