Conversation with GOD



I had a conversation, with my God,
I would like to share, what we talked.
HE knew already what I will ask,
This is how HE decided to start.

There is no harm in crying,
I know you are trying.
But, this is your difficult time,
I know you are not fine.

I appreciate your tears,
As they make it clear.
That your love is intense,
For the one, not near.

This loving bond of yours,
Tells ME that you,
Listen to your inner voice,
In spite of the outside noise.

It tells ME that you know,
What emotions you need to show?
Tears are for your defense,
To deal with this difficult phase.

I knew there will be situations,
When you will see no solution.
So, I gave an exit route,
For the storm developing within you.

I know, my child, I gave you pain,
No one on this earth is immortal.
I always made your wishes true,
But, in this one I couldn’t help you.

I can feel what you are going through,
And I am the one who can tell you,
You emotions prove, the purity of your soul,
They show ME your life’s goal.

I also know, it’s the first time,
When you are actually not on MY side.
You feel that your trust and faith,
Is broken and betrayed.

I accept your anger, as it is another emotion,
Behind this anger is a sign of your true devotion.
It is your bonding with ME,
That asks you to be angry on ME.

There are many, who claim to love ME,
But, they do not know, what loving actually is?
Your tears for your mother, show your love for her,
This bonding with your mother, show your love for ME.

I know you are my true devotee, you always love ME,
For those, who cannot love their parents can never love ME.
Parents are the ones, who deserve love and respect,
You may forget ME, but never forget them.

I always admire your beautiful thought,
That parents are your world, your God.
What you do for them is what you do for ME,
If you can please them, only then you can please ME.

I gave you so many emotions to express,
I am glad to see that you do not suppress,
The abilities & feelings I gave you,
As they were always meant to help you.

I crafted you with lot of care, and I would like to share,
I gifted you a soft heart, and it’s an art,
To express the feelings and emotions I gave you,
I feel elated, to have a devotee like you.

So I am with you, today and always,
And even if you find no words to say,
Your feelings will surely communicate,
The reasons from which they originate.

For souls that are, as pure as yours,
I am always with you, or within you.
Never stop listening to your inner voice
It is in fact MY own voice.


unexpressed emotions




56 thoughts on “Conversation with GOD

    • I will surely read these. And many thanks for liking my writing. I am glad to hear that my words were able to convey my thoughts in an effective way and that you would love read this again. Such comments means a lot to me. Thanks again.


  1. I like your devotion
    and feel the emotion
    God is everywhere
    not in a body here
    So is your mother
    You love your mother
    and feel it here
    So is she but
    Her voice nowhere
    Except in your heart
    Which becomes true art
    Will you want her to be sad?
    So is she…

    Don’t cry
    for the absence of the body
    Feel her presence and be ready
    To help others like you
    In grief they need you

    I lost my father too
    I feel his presence within me
    So is your mother …
    She loves you and
    I promise you
    She will be within you
    Guiding you
    With a unheard voice ….

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  2. HI Akanksha, a very touching, lovely poem. Parents deserve love and respect, tears are prayers.. great quotes. I’m writing this with tears as I pray for my dad who is very sick. Thanks for those soothing words. May God bless you! And thanks for all the numerous likes and the follow!

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  3. A very touching piece. It doesn’t only show your devotion to God, it also symbolises a very strong bond between you and Him and that is priceless. Being able to talk with God requires a very strong faith, love and time for His gospel. I loved the concept of loving our parents, so many things can happen that can come between our relationships with them. I really needed to read this. God will come through for you and your mom. Never stop believing. Love.

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    • Hi Sharon, your comment clearly shows that you have understood my feelings behind this poem very well. I feel pleased when I am able to convey myself properly through words because writing is a skill I got from my Mom. I loved reading that God will come through for me and my Mom. Thanks for your kind words and support in my tough time. Take care and stay blessed.


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