Who are we? And, how much control we have on ourselves?

We all must have heard –

“A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”

How true is it?


– If you pass from a muddy pond; won’t you get stained?
– If you have a dirty hump beside you; won’t you get dirty?
– If you put a drop of fragrance in a stinking well; what will you smell?
– If the air around you is polluted; won’t you inhale that pollution too?

It appears so straightforward & easy to understand when we read above examples with reference to physical things.

But, how about relating it to your surroundings, to your acquaintances, to your family? Do their behavior, their thinking, and their actions affect our ways of living life? We sometimes feel so confident of our individuality, our principle & values, our way of living life that we never realize our environment also plays an important role in framing our actions.

It is rightly said –

“It’s not only the wrong-doer who is wrong… anyone who supports that wrong-doer is also equally wrong.”

But, now the most challenging question is –

Where to go when whole atmosphere around you is polluted…? It’s suffocating..

wrong doing-1

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