Who deserves more priority ?


Relationships again!

In my previous blog, I tried to lay emphasis on the meaning & importance of relationships. Each & every relation is significant with its own meaning, its own necessity &its own worth. To follow our roles we have to be faithful in all of them. But, now when we are dealing with a bunch of relations– father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, niece and friends—how to decide who takes priority over other?

Who is more important –
Parents / Children / Spouse?
Friends / Siblings?
Your paternal relatives / Your maternal relatives?
Your own relatives / Your in-laws?

Such confusions, such questions keep coming in our day to day life as there are several instances when we are not able to please everybody. We dwell in dilemma, we think & re-think & we proceed with one of them and then there is flood of misunderstandings & complaints from the other side. If the other side stays calm, then also, you keep introspecting and questioning yourself that you took the right decision or not? So, isn’t it better if we prepare a priority list & ease the trouble instead of thinking over again & again.


So, what are you thinking… pick the pen.. think of your special ones & start preparing a list based on priority. You have 15 min. , be honest , prepare the list and follow the second half of the blog when done.


What happened? List prepared?

Case 1 : “YES”

Are you satisfied? “To some extent”.

Do you have any doubts/ confusions? “Yes, I am not sure if my priority order is justified or not?”

Do you want to think again? “No, Don’t feel it will solve the problem.”

Is the dilemma of choosing amongst relations over ? “No”.

Case 2: “NO”


There were more & more confusions. There are so many relationships around me…I feel like I am tangled in a spider’s web.

Don’t know if I have to keep my mother on top who bought me in this world…who taught me crawl & stand & walk?

Or, shall I keep my spouse on top, with whom I have committed to share all phases of life, to walk together come what may, to stand by in all joys & sorrows?

It’s impossible to make a rightful judgment.


What is the correct approach then? Most of our life is spent in maintaining & retaining the relationships & instead of joy & pleasure they become burden at times. We feel like breaking the chains & running away from all these boundations and we start getting afraid of this word “relationship”.

Oops, the most beautiful painting on the canvas of our life, the sweetness & pleasures of beautiful relations…they have become a nightmare for us.

Instead of being a part of beautiful garden, where our parents stand like roots, where we stand with our spouse like trees, where our children stand like fruits, where our siblings stands like flowers, where our friends stand like grass…We feel like a part of spider’s web in a dark room, tangled badly and searching for an escape route.

So, isn’t there any solution to ease out the things?

Well, I don’t know if this will satisfy all or not…but for me there is simple solution. It all depends on perception & in my perspective:

We never have to choose between “RELATIONSHIPS”…We have to choose between “CIRCUMSTANCES”.

We never have to choose between “WHO” needs us most…We have to choose between “WHAT” needs us most.

We never have to choose who is “RIGHT” or who is “WRONG”…We have to decide how to handle the situation calmly & peacefully. (Home is not a battleground or court… It’s like a temple where everyone shall be respected & pleased, where everyone wins but no one looses).


17 thoughts on “Who deserves more priority ?

    • I truely agree what u wrote & I can’t even deny the fact that these instances doesn’t occur. This is indeed a very disappointing situation which leaves u hurt & broken. Also, it shakes ur roots & it becomes very difficult 2 stand up and develop that trust & faith on someone else.
      But, this is how life is. All we can do is to play our roles in the bestest possible way and leave everything else on destiny.
      Also, we should not jump at conclusions impulsively.. we should give time 2 relations.. as every strong foundation needs time.
      But, even then if there is cheating, there is betrayal..we should be strong enough to face that & one thing is sure we should not cry for one who didn’t respect our feelings. If they can betray us.. it was our mistake 2 trust them & we get punished for that.
      “Do your BEST..but Don’t expect the same in return.”
      “Hope for the Best & be prepared for the Worst”.


    • Have no fear! Nothing is ever broken beyond repair. Allowing ourselves to fully experience the pain of the betrayal let’s the energy move, naturally as it should. Now you’ll have a clearer perspective from which to approach your next relationship. Sending soothing, peace, ease and flow to you!


  1. I must say what a nice way of solving the most critical indeed the much needed thing “Relationships”. Your blog will surely help many confusing characters who takes relationship as a win – loss game.

    Well said and truly deserve a comment and like for this blog ..:)

    keep posting more…


  2. Very well written its always confuse !!priority between relationship!!
    and we cannot list out who is more prior and who is less coz it always create more confusion. Best way to approach is handle situation calmly & peacefully. Again a very interesting topic & beautifully written. thx


  3. This is an excellent way to look at family relationships and the struggles we all have within the home to satisfy our need to make sure everyone feels our love. May favorite part is when you speak of never having to choose between right and wrong, and although I have been absent from posting my next post on this topic I have something similar that I will be discussing soon. Nice words!


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