What YOU Want?

Let us start with a few basic questions for you all:

1) What you want?
2) Why you want?
3) For whom you want?
4) What if you do not get what you want?

Look at your past and try to capture all instances that you can recall. It can be anything. Peace of mind, good health, good job, huge salary, car, home, power, fame, etc. etc. This gives the answer to our first question.

Now, ask yourself “Why”? Is it a necessity? Is it a luxury? Or is it a matter of status symbol?
Above answer can further be classified by the response on third one – “For WHOM? Is it for yourself? Your own requirement, satisfaction or contentment? Is it for your family, relatives, friends? Is it to serve them or show them?”
And last but not the least, go back and imagine not getting what you want. What could have been the possible repercussion in that scenario? How it would have made an impact on your living?

Enough of thought process for my readers. Now, let’s come to the point.

As per my analysis, more than 50% of the things we want are for the sake of showing to society. What they will think, what they will say guides our actions. These are the things which we particularly do not need for a living, but just to maintain a status quo. And this means our life is controlled by this society.


I know some of you are still not convinced. There are more questions for you.

1) Suppose you get a choice of choosing a small segment car and a high segment luxury car. You need not bear the price and it will be chauffeur driven. Which one you will choose?

Answer 1: Of course the luxury car! It will put a good impression on my social circle.

Answer 2: Any car will do. I am not getting the driving experience, so it hardly makes a difference provided the passenger seats are equally comfortable.

2) Suppose you get a choice of choosing from an invisible Jewellery. It’s good, heavy, beautiful, costly. You can wear it, feel it, see it. But, nobody else can see it. Will you like to buy it?

Answer 1: No way. What’s the use if no one else can see it.

Answer 2: ??

No other answer exists. Jewelry is just to show around.
Isn’t it peculiar. There are hundreds of people around you who don’t even get a daily meal. But, you get contentment not in providing them a meal, but in boasting around with your costly jewelry. I know it will sound foolish to many, but the fact stays the fact. And the fact is:



It’s time to think before it’s too late.

What do you want from yourself, your life?
What gives you satisfaction and contentment?
What you enjoy and like to do?
What is it without which you feel your life is incomplete?




2 thoughts on “What YOU Want?

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  2. 5WH.
    What,Why, Where, When and How… this is the most crucial boundary to create any castle you want to create. Many a times we just set a aspiration or target for ourself without even knowing why we want ,where it will take us to and when is the good time to have it and how to get it. .. now what follows is crazy mad chase , mostly ending into frustration and dis-pair.
    So before you start chasing contemplate and identify on the 5WH.
    All our life we end up struggling and fighting for those 75% things which do not add any meaning or value to our life. As given in the example some piece of jewellery which is worn some 3-4 times only and kept in locker most of the time. the same amount cn as well be spent to someone’s education or many days meal, yes it is philanthropy. the other way is to use it for yourself but in a different way like travelling to a nice destination that will give you peace, closeness to nature and relaxation to mind.
    this may not be an ideal approach as per some people, some will approve some will not but do not always wait for approvals and confirmation, carve your own and walk ahead on that , to go where you want and not to a place where others want. there can be times when both paths cross, thats good, but even if they don’t … do not bother…
    So act and achieve WHAT YOU WANT !


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