# 3 : TRUST

Can trust be developed in a day? – “NO”

Can trust be broken in a day? –“NO”

Still we hear number of instances where people complain about “broken trust” & starts feeling why the other person did so?

Isn’t it our own mistake? Probably that was not “Trust”, that was some “Illusion”?

5 thoughts on “# 3 : TRUST

  1. if you are a self-realized aka self-learned individual ,it takes few seconds to read people from the words they type and from the words they speak.sometimes people actions are deceiving coz of our optimism,are n’t we strong enough to deal with such.

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      • it takes time to understand certain magnitude of wisdom.you din’t understand what i said,so explanation stops here.one can’t become wise through others preaching or by reading books.people become wise from the way they have led life.

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        • Well, for me, people become wise by experiences… and this life is to short to experience everything yourself. So, we can try to learn from our experiences as well as that of others..
          This is my way of thinking and may differ from yours..

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  2. Today people are becoming more pessimistic. People start seeing the bad side of the thing very quickly. In the RAT RACE of earning money they do not have time to share things and resolve misunderstanding. Instead they choose an easy escape with ending the relationship. On the other hand they hide their own act of weekness (which is lack of sharing) behind the complain of “broken trust”.

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