The Importance of: “I” Vs “V”

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What is “I”?….

Who am “I”?….

What “I” have done?….

What “I” can do?….

“I” is my existence…. “I” is my individuality….

“I” am myself….. “I” am unique….

“I” have been doing so many tasks in the past…. Tasks “I” did with my own hands and with my own “brains” … “I” am responsible for all of those…. “I” am there to take its credits & “I” am there to take its negatives…

“I” can do whatever “I” want…whenever “I” want….whichever way “I” want…

“I” have full control on myself & my thinking…

Above is the misconception that most of us have…the illusion in which we dwell…..But if “I” don’t do anything…why am “I” praised and why am “I” blamed….? Who is there behind me controlling all these actions..? Well,  “I” am just a puppet…who moves the way GOD wants me 2 move….It is “HE” who creates different circumstances……it is “HE” who infuses different thoughts in my Mind…..So, its always “WE” who are responsible for our actions….

Now, does that mean all credit & all blames of our deeds goes to “HIM” ? If yes, how & why are we expected to improve?

This is because human mind has the ability to control its senses…to give a direction to his thinking & his deeds…but in this course of action we should always remember the fact that we are supposed to make rightful efforts for our actions…..and leave its fruits on GOD…..We should surrender all the results on the wish of GOD….Be it positive or negative…..& just focus on our efforts to strive for following the right path…

Always remember that “I” represents “We”..

Sometimes “We” represent ourselves & wishes of “God”…

Sometimes “We” represent our family…

Sometimes “We” represent our friends…

Sometimes “We” represent our department…

Sometimes “We” represent our society…

Sometimes “We” represent our school/college/office…

Sometimes “We” represent our country…

And the few times when I feel that “I” represents “ME”…..those are the times when you surrender yourself to the attribute called “Ahankar” … “Ego”…. “ Excessive Pride” of your doings…. Of thinking that whatever is done by your hands is actually done by you….. The feeling which says.. “I” have done this…. And “I” am super than others in crowd… and yes…you are right in some aspect.

You may not be super…but you are really different …..For this feeling of “Ego”…. takes you away from group…away from your own people… and you stand alone…firmly & rigidly….

Leaving behind the power and flexibility of “We”…leaving behind the togetherness & belongingness…and leaving behind the world that is not just built by “You” and “Me” but by a special world called “We”…. !! 🙂

9 thoughts on “The Importance of: “I” Vs “V”

  1. Good one, as you now understand the difference between “YOU” and “YOUR INNER” person. Your first stage is clear, you will experience all your things are not doing yourself, these tasks were supoosed to be done like this only, you were the only artist to perform this scene.

    You were not always you, but only this time of your visit/ tour to foreign land called Earth. May be your reservation/ passenger no. (you identity) was different during last visit, (which was a few decades or few hundreds/ thousands of years ago), you may have witnessed Jesus or were present in Gokul at Krishna’s time, or part of World Wars or anything like that during your last visits.
    So you were a frequent traveller for a service solely handeled by “HIM” & he is deputing you everytime to come here & learn things about him, his universe & about youself. But due to our ignorance & kiddish nature you (& Most of Us) come, play, spend time & return with no gains.

    Spare some time to catch what is missing in our lives rather than worrying on missing movie on weekends. Keep in touch for my upcoming blog on “How to Meditate”


  2. Hi Akanksha, Loved the blog .The day we will overcome this ‘I’ Factor, we will be the happiest ones on Earth..Any you are one of those happy persons as you have left behind this factor..

    Keep Writing & Keep Sharing !


  3. Insightful blog, however as feedback (pls take it positively), The line “this is because…” was not clear what it answered in first place. Personally I got idea through inference what has been communicated but not very clear. and as in general there is a very thin line between selfishness and self-centeredness. Selfishness is never good for anybody. being self- centered is always helpful in finding oneself n never bad for others


    • Hi thr… all feedbacks/suggestions/comments are always welcum….:)
      the line was meant to answer ..”why r humans expected 2 improve”…n probably it cud hv been presented in a better way..change in para thr broke the link…
      And the discussion was not abt being selfish/self-centered… bt abt the “I” factor which develops a feeling of ego and pride…a feeling whr we start feeling tat v r superior / better than others… this blog is all about removing tat “I” factor ..

      Also, ” self-centered ” does nt mean finding oneself…I believe “Introspection” is better word fr tat…

      Neways…it was nice to hv sum discussions here…Thnx…

      Happy New Year..!!


      • Sorry, In my comment I didnt connected “I” to selfishness/self-centeredness. So I have small doubt here from conclusive part of blog. if someone in his/her views goes away/against from group, his own people, his own family , even from GOD. does that means its Ego?


        • Hey…its not about difference in opinion/views… u r free 2 hv ur own views …ur own unique outlook towards life.. for tat is not “Ego”…. tat is just a variation in ur thoughts… N ofcourse…no one is right…no one is wrong.. v r nt capable enuff of judging this.. so there is nothing wrong if u don’t follow the crowd and follows ur own set of rules…ur own path..
          But, yes… if in this journey u get the feeling of “Superiority” over others, if u try 2 judge others r “Wrong”… n if u build that attitude of “I am the one who chose this path”.. then it is “EGO”…
          In my view, we don’t hv the authority 2 think ourselves superior over others… v don’t have the skills 2 judge what is right/wrong… v may b right…bt it is not sure tat other is wrong… and above all the path we follow is not chosen merely by us..
          All our success & defeats… all our moments… everything is ruled by the One & Only One GOD.

          If ur views differ fm those of GOD, then tat’s probably becaz u r not knowlegeable enuff to understand HIM…
          & s long as u don’t challenge HIM 2 b wrong..tat is not “Ego”…that is “Ignorance”…

          In a nutshell what I meant 2 reflect in this blog is —-
          All our actions are team effort…and contribution of all success & failures goes to that team… “I” am just a part of the team and without that team “I” don’t have any existance… My thoughts can be unique, but my actions & there result are team effort.

          there is a well known shloka in “Bhagvad GIta” – “DO THE ACTIONS…AND DON’T BOTHER ABOUT THE RESULTS”

          this is because v r here 2 perform as a part of team..and all fruits — good / bad shall be shared by all… & shall be left on the will of GOD.

          “I” cannot do anything alone… so “I” shall not bother for the fruits alone.

          Hope my explanations made some sense… but u can cum bak if more discussions are required.



  4. I enjoy this. This piece will be interesting to see the reversal on. You are right. “I” cannot build a garden of beauty you no one seen it was beautiful or if he or they or you did not define to me what is not beautiful. If there were no plus and negative, one cannot accomplish being positive and cannot be labeled for negativity. What I mean by reversal is why did “I” do wrong why didn’t “I” see they needed “my” help. Why am “I” jealous. These are not actions of one must many as we are all bound to the same creator so not only pride is created but lack of self and depression…instead “we” all become jealous, even he is a jealous god..what did “we” overlook that lead to this, what did “we” do wrong to allow this outcome…..a balance must be established to lower pride and lift the deprived


    • yup… u seems 2 b right tat “a balance must be established to lower pride and lift the deprived..” But wat we are seeing today around us is like a fraction of second.. Our soul undergoes several births & forms & our actions decide wat v deserve next. Also, there needs to be some differences so that the capable helps the needy & a cycle of interaction, communication, attachment develops. Our life is a play written & controlled by GOD & our role is to perform best on our end. We are not capable enough to judge/ question other things… becaz v should know tat GOD has a reason for everything & he is always kind to good people.
      And it doesn’t mean good people won’t face any trouble…everyone will. Just imagine a car running at full speed on a road without speed breakers, loosing attention for a fraction of second can blow it off in pieces & everything comes to a dead end. Same goes with life. GOD shows u Ups & Downs…HE places sum obstructions/ speed breakers in the journey of ur life..But , remember if u r good, end results will always be good.. 🙂


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