“Oh GOD..!! I am fed up of waiting now. How long I need to wait?

Are you listening to me?

Why am I supposed to wait so long?

Why can’t things happen fast, on time & the way I want?”


Waiting – I think no one on this earth has escaped this experience of waiting. There are so many forms of waiting & so many ways of reacting to these.

The word gains significance w.r.t. time frame allotted by us. It can be based on how long it takes or how fast we want it to happen.

Waiting for few things is just natural & obvious. For instance, waiting for rain, waiting for spring, waiting for day, waiting for night or waiting for weekend. This is self created wait, just because we are longing to see the change for a particular reason. These are all pre-defined things no matter how impatiently we wait & these will happen for sure no matter we want to see that change or not. I would term this category as “ILLOGICAL WAIT”.

Then comes, routine life waiting. This one is based on punctuality, crowd, and unavoidable resistances. Waiting for bus/train, waiting in a queue, waiting for someone. This is completely unavoidable most of the times and is the most irritating one. You rarely know how long you need to wait. Some people adjust themselves to these and try to handle the situation calmly while others keep cursing the situation & the system. These are all momentary waits that distracts/ disturbs us for a while but end up soon. I would term this category as “IRRITATING WAIT”.

And then comes, the most difficult category that is totally based on our desires and expectations. This form of waiting is undefined, unpredictable, without any boundaries / time frame. At times, it relies just on imagination & belief and at times it is based on realistic goals. How well we can cope with these actually defines how patient and adaptable we are to the current situation. At times, we have the illusion of getting nearer to our target & then we realize, it’s still the same distance away.

We either keep moving with belief, with courage, with patience. I would term this category as “REASONABLE WAIT”,

Or, we get panicked, irritated, frustrated & just give up. I would term this category as “FRUSTATING WAIT”.

It’s necessary to set some goals & targets to keep yourself moving & growing. It’s inevitable to have desires & expectations. To achieve these we obviously, make some plan, do some efforts & eagerly start waiting for results. Sometimes, things flow the way we want but not always. This is where we need to understand the role of GOD, our destiny & our fate.


“Do the actions but don’t have desire for fruitful results.”

Leave those to the will of GOD, and keep moving enjoying your present.

Always remember, if you keep worrying for the future you may end up ruining your present. Learn to live the present and plan the future but never get so busy planning it that you forget living your present.






18 thoughts on “WAIT…Wait…wait…!!

  1. OMG! I have had MULTIPLE arguments with The Big Guy on this topic!! So glad he “likes me! He really, really likes me!” Yeah me and Patience go way back and now have become mutual admirers. 🙂


  2. Where there is darkness there is always light
    Where there is depth there is always a high place
    Where there are walls there is always a door
    Where there is a will, there is always a way

    I have the will God, show me the way

    When there is a lock, there is always a key
    When there is beauty, there is always an attraction
    When there is perfection, there is always an advantage
    When there is a good, there is always a dire

    I am a dire God, show me mercy

    Where there is mercy, there is always love
    Where there is love, there is always peace
    Where there is peace, there is always tolerance
    Where there is tolerance, there is always oneness

    Thank you God for this oneness

    Where there is oneness, there is always multiplication
    Where there is multiplication, there is always an increase
    Where there is increase, there is always saturation
    Where there is saturation, there is always satisfaction

    Thank you God for going to satisfy me

    Where there is satisfaction, there is the need for more
    Where there is a need for more, there is more waiting
    Where there is more waiting, there is none satisfied
    Where there is none satisfied, there is none alive

    Thank you God for keeping me alive.

    When I am alive, I have a life
    When I have a life, I have a battle
    When I have a battle, I will win
    When I win, you will be with me

    Thank you God for this life!


  3. “Always remember, if you keep worrying for the future you may end up ruining your present. Learn to live the present and plan the future but never get so busy planning it that you forget living your present.” Oh so good!!

    I love how you described the different types of waiting we may experience. I never thought of it that way! 🙂 I think it’s so important (like you mentioned) to stay active while you’re waiting. Just because we are waiting on something it doesn’t give us the right to stop living life to the fullest and making the most of every opportunity. God wants us to continue growing in Him, expanding His Kingdom, and moving forward whether we are waiting or not. Great post!!


  4. This one is loaded!! How do you even handle all these life lessons at the same time? I could barely remember derivations back in college days 🙂

    Stupid jokes apart, you have got a really inspirational post going here. I am sure people will benefit from your scribblings. Keep it up 🙂


    • Hi.. Hope your words become true. If my blog can become a platform of inspiring people across the world than it will be the greatest reward of my writing.
      Thanks for sharing your views and uplifting my morale for writing more.


  5. Did you just pop into my mind and write what I was thinking.. I am going through a phase in which i have to wait, against my wish and its not under my control, but all I have to do is WAIT..
    But one thing is for sure, you have put the thoughts in a way much better than I would have, if I would have written about it!


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