# 6 : BLAME

Some think it’s easiest to blame yourself. But, what if you end up hating yourself?

Some thinks it’s easiest to blame others. But, are we capable enough to judge?


2 thoughts on “# 6 : BLAME

  1. blame is a opportunistic word.there are only two words,truth and lie.who can judge whats truth and lie?a person who is morally right and has perceptions of world within can judge whats truth and lie.


    • It is not just truth and lie, it is not just right & wrong, it is not just success & failure, it is not just winner & looser, it is not just a court’s decision where one is blamed and other is not.
      Blame is a general word, which may appear due to misunderstandings, wrong perceptions, changing circumstances.
      Any time or every time , when things don’t move forward our way, and we feel uncomfortable/ unpleasant we look at the situation closely and try to find out what went wrong? And, who is to be blamed?


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