MOVE ON – – from grief



When in my bad phase,
I am advised to move on,
I don’t know what to respond,
But, today I want to ask.
Have you ever thought?
Why I prefer to stop?

I want to live the moments,
Which for you are history.
I want to stay stuck there,
And it may sound you like a mystery.
The fact is I want to re-live those moments,
I want to cherish those happy times.

To move ahead,
One needs a path,
A way, A direction,
A motive, A target,
A purpose, A desire,
To reach a destination.

But my journey is now over,
From the moment I was born,
You stood by me Mom,
Now, when you are gone,
I have stopped to the point,
Where you last stood by me.

I don’t want to move forward,
For the fear of getting lost.
All I can see ahead is darkness,
And, there is so much resistance,
Even if I try hard,
I am unable to move further.

I prefer to halt and look back
To the days that were brighter
To the moments we spent together.
Looking ahead makes me restless,
As I don’t see you holding my hand,
My journey has come to an End.




7 thoughts on “MOVE ON – – from grief

    • Yes, you got it right and it makes me feel so comfortable. In the time of grief one just needs an ear to hear, a shoulder to cry on and an heart to understand your feelings. Unwanted advices in such a delicate and fragile time ends up doing more bad than good. Thanks for understanding ne and making me feel better.

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      • You’re welcome, hun. My grandmother died this past March, and I’m still grieving myself. I think a part of me always will. I don’t want to move on. I always want to remember her, and I don’t want there to come a day when I’m desensitized to the pain – when I don’t get emotional thinking about her. ‘Cause that would be like I don’t care as much anymore, and I always want to care that she’s gone – if that makes any sense?


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