Best Of “BEST”

Best Of Best i.e., “BESTEST”.

This is what most of us looks forward for. It’s a general human nature that we look for the Bestest options.

Our thirst for satisfaction rarely dies, we keep yearning for “more”. Of course, this is essential for our growth also , if we don’t have desires, if we don’t have aims and targets we will just make ourselves stagnant. But, the point is , to what extent we should yearn for more? At times, we become so impatient that instead of enjoying what we already have, we start getting frustrated for what we don’t have. Instead of being thankful, satisfied and contented for 80-90% of the good things that we have, we waste time worrying about the remaining 10-20% that we don’t have?

It happens with most of us that if we are satisfied on personal front, we are dissatisfied on professional front, and vice versa. And at times if we are satisfied with everything in our life, we get dissatisfied by comparing ourselves to others.

I have came across several instances, like an employee complaining about the salary….then when salary comes to satisfactory level, they start complaining about type of work, then when they get good and more work, they start complaining they are over pressurised, then if superiors increases their team size to reduce their pressure they will complain that superiors don’t trust their abilities… and it becomes a vicious cycle which goes on and on… Please stop being a “Complaint Box” as it only messes up your own life.

The solution is very easy … Just spend some time with yourself…do your introspection….try to set your “PRIORITIES” and try to focus on things that matters more to you. Just find out what holds more significance for you- is it family, career, money, power, name or fame…..? Also it is important to be determined and committed to meet your goals and to set new goals once your defined goals are achieved but at the same time one should also learn to be patient….to move step by step – “No One Gets A Sudden RISE, Not Even The Sun..!!’




9 thoughts on “Best Of “BEST”

  1. Thats how LIFE continually teaches a person, Satisfaction is the key to a happy “U” & surrounding “U”, U alone cannot travel the entire horizon it needs “UR” family, friends,well wishers to support U.
    “To learn, U must unlearn & relearn the unlearned”

  2. nice.. in fact this is truth of everyone….i think we always try to run from ourselves. because we don’t understand what our inner conscious really want..

    keep writing….
    Manoj Soni

  3. its a cycle of life and in an imperfect world it is the way it is……
    without a quest the world will bw a boring place to live and one shouldd nejoy though, nice to read

  4. Good one:) And this is so true….People often waste time in unnecessary things. If one sets their priorities in life clearly, things become easy.
    Good work!

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