“Fill in the blanks” – Oh, this reminds me of my primary school days & exams. You know the start, you know the end and you just have to fill one word to join that start with an end and make the sentence complete & meaningful.

But, have we left this “Fill in the blanks” exercise back to school days?

What I feel is “NO” & there are so many categories of this still revolving around us in our day to day life:

Case 1: When we are supposed to “Fill” in the blanks.

There are so many situations where we know the start, & where we know the end & we keep filling in the spaces in between the way we like. Sometimes, we fill it based on reality, based on facts & figures, based on practical approach and sometimes we fill it based on what is in our imagination, what we desire / like, what pleases us the most.

Case 2: When we create “Fill” in the blanks for those around us.

There are times, when we want the other person to listen the unsaid, to read the blanks, to understand & fill the void spaces all by themselves. We just start off & think that the other person knows well about what we deserve, what we want & what we like. And, we therefore, give the other person the liberty to fill those blanks the way they wish. But, they are not always up to our expectations.

Case 3: The most complicated of all.

“We are born to die. “

We know the start and we know the end. We spend our whole life filling the blank space in between.Some of us are wise enough and fill the space with happiness, joy, kindness, humbleness, satisfaction, trust & faith. While others fill it with jealousy, revenge, betrayal, dissatisfaction, tensions & worries.But, start and end, they always remains the same. We do not have any control over it. So, it’s totally up to us to decide how we want to fill in the spaces between our start & end.

So, friends it’s not yet over. Keep filling in the blanks to your best & make your life more meaningful & worthy.

7 thoughts on “FILL IN THE BLANKS – – – – –

  1. Fill in the blanks… sometimes with the logic and reason and sometimes with the real emotion, fill it the way your heart says, and see how the sentence completes, you may be amazed to look at the whole paragraph.. it is not about the single sentence and single word but about a wider perspective – the paragraph.. so open up your approach and thinking whle you fill in the blanks… fill it well …


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