WHAT IF … ??

What if I take this way? What if I take that way?

What if I don’t pass my exams?

What if I don’t get a job?

What if I don’t get a good salary?

What if people make fun of me?

What if people think I am stupid?

What if I am overweight / underweight?

What if I don’t reach on time?

What if I don’t please people around me?

Just think of how many “WHAT IF….??” Questions came to your mind in last 1 year. (You are too lucky if your answer is – NONE). Now, just think of the instances that worried you. I feel more than 90% of our worries are the outcome of these “What If..?” questions.

But, its not true for all, and they live a much contended, happy life. People who live in present. Its not that these people are not ambitious and don’t care for their future. Its just that they believe in doing efforts and leave the result on GOD or destiny.

The funniest part is most of “What if ?” questions doesn’t exactly relate to your present or future , to your personal or professional growth but to your social image – what people around you will think if you take this decision. Always remember – you can never please everyone…

If you lead….people will say….you are arrogant …you don’t follow anyone..

If you follow…people will say…. you are coward…you can’t set your own path..

If you walk beside them… people will say.. .you don’t have your own individuality… you always want company..

So, if you want to be free of worries…do what you feel is right… try to please only those who are too close and special to you… Do take care of your social image…but don’t overdo it… don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.. but be straightforward & crystal clear in your talks…





Let your thoughts be free…let them flow like the water in the ocean… Do not interfere and impose restrictions because this is what starts disturbing our mental peace.

So, if you want to minimise your worries …you need to minimise this “What if ? “ factor. I am saying minimise it because it may not be possible to eliminate it completely.

Just try it out guys and see if it works..

13 thoughts on “WHAT IF … ??

  1. Hi, What-if analysis is good in some ways… you get to know where your mind is directed towards… you get to know what your fears are…. you find out what’s going on with yourself…. you realize what your options could be… The only thing one has to be careful about is that ‘What-if’ should not lead to negativity & worry but rather bring ways to combat negatives & worries… More so, it should act as a self-learning or assessment tool for improvising oneself & that which strengthens your faith/belief.

    What-if approach is applicable for emotional feelings also & not just for practical/logical aspects of mind/thoughts. A balance of mind & heart or thoughts & feelings is essential to bring out sensible answers for our wat-if questions… It is better if we add certain positive aspects to what-if..
    For example, ‘what if I fail in exam & I still manage to get a decent job?’ or ‘what if people make fun of me but that doesn’t mean I am a joker’ or ‘what if I don’t reach on time but still able to complete my task’ or ‘what if I don’t comment & that’s precisely my comment’ so on.

    By the way, the picture that shows various directions is nice… what-if I ask you the source of that & how you placed it in your blog… will I get an answer?


    • Very well replied…. ya..its true…thr is no harm in evaluating the options… but we should see the positives and we should be prepared to fight the negatives. “HOPE FOR THE BEST….AND BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST”….summarises wat u hv said.

      And regarding the image…i collected clips from google and added them in paint and finally attached it here. And yes..concept of putting something with several directions and arrows…. it came from my sis… 🙂


  2. What IF…
    these two are such common words… they are the dual edged sword! sometimes they act as a barrier to be innovative, to move ahead and many times they also help in making smart ,calculated decisions…minimizing the risks.They can neither be completely ignored nor can be blindly followed.We need to have a rational of ..To what extent we need to consider What IF.
    Don’t make the what if an endless loop ,stop the what and the if..dare to move on or have a determination to move on in all directions of IF.
    What if not getting train… get the bus.. if not bus..walk

    Its a superficial example but many a times in life we miss wonderful moments just for the simple small WHAT IF trivias.
    .. and thanks Akanksha for acknowledging my idea abt the picture, what if there was no picture…. may be then u would have to add more words… what if .. you didn’t had such an amazing sister… you may not have had such a wonderful blog… what if people think I am self obsessed or Apney mooh miyann mithoo… OK I do not care … amidst what if .. buts.. don’t entangle your life.. move on ..follow your heart… and live life to the full 🙂

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  3. These 2 words “What-if” are the inspiration of all the innovations and developments across the world.
    What if we can channelize the steam flow to create power and run equipment.
    What if I try to do this thing in another way .Can we get any further if I try new way of doing thing?
    Etc. Etc..
    As u mentioned in ur blogs, these are the questions which form a considerable percentage of our thoughts and these are the thought if channelized in “right direction” can help u identify ur real potential .
    But as the ancient saying goes “Excess of everything is bad”, excess ” what if ” analysis can have impact on other areas of ur life..
    Again this is Easy to say but difficult to implement..


  4. yes. you are right. you should do what you feel right and do not bother to impress anyone. becasue it is impossible to impress all at one instance. if they want they get impress by your own way.

    but the same WHAT IF can be converted to optmistic mode. This is the base for all dreams and success.

    WHAT IF I get a very good JOB?
    WHAT IF I get first rank in this exam?
    WHAT IF I happen to meet a person who can understand me?
    WHAT IF I get a worthy partner?
    WHAT IF tommorrow you get married to a person whom you love?

    many more….

    there are many such things which we do not use at all. We never think this way. If you have ever think this way, then I must say you are an optimistic person and will definitely achieve what ever you deserve.

    We need to learn to watch like birds… We should have atleast 5 step ahead thinking. Just to give you a live example . I was an university Chess champion. When I used to play I used to just play. I never took much time in the game to move my next movement. People who are watching teh play used to think I am playing very casually. But fact is what you know let me reveal that secret to you. I used to think more than anyone who take more than 15 minutes to move one move. you know how I learnt it from my Guru ( this I will not reveal) that whenever you play chess you should start you play with atleast 5 movements ahead thinking. this 5 movements of chess are not only mine alone. it is the 5 movements of mine and 5 movements of teh opposite player. So teh question WHAT IF will play a major role.

    I should think
    WHAT IF the opp move pan A to place B?
    WHAT IF the opp move pan A to place A and not place B
    like this I will have more than 5 movements thinking.

    See here WHAT IF will give you answer to your steps to decide whihc step is better.

    So we should always think for the betterment of oneself.

    Be Positive and be Optimistic.

    you blog is a very nice platform to discuss so many hidden views which have been stamped in my heart and brain long ago. All my memories, thinking and ideas are coming out like a spring out of my soul.

    thank you.


    • Yup…u are right.. It all depends on our direction of thinking…if we look at “What if ” questions in a optimistic way…they may prove to be a blessing…a source of our growth and betterment..
      Crux is that …. it all depends on the way we foresee… after all “What if??” is the source of so many inventions… and from academic point of view “What if ?” is something which is inevitable. But, if we think negatively…we will keep worrying for things which may not even happen.
      So, Be Positive…and Be Happy 🙂


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