My SOUL waiting to meet My GOD


Who is my creator?
Who is my source?
Who is my foundation?
Who is my inspiration?
Who is my motivation?
Who is my support?

Many will say, it’s GOD,
The one and only one,
But, I have never seen God,
I have never heard God,

For me, it’s my Mother,
She created me,
I am her part,
She gave me life.

She taught me,
To walk and talk,
She stood beside me,
Throughout her life.

She is my trust,
She is my faith,
She is my inspiration,
She is my God,

When we pray God,
When we ask God,
To absorb our soul
Within God
We are called “theist”
We are praised.

When I ask my Mother,
To take me with her,
To absorb my soul in her,
To be together again,
I am called “coward”
I am criticized.

But, I do not bother,
What others say,
It’s my Mother,
With whom my soul will stay,
Today, Tomorrow,
And Forever.


14 thoughts on “My SOUL waiting to meet My GOD

  1. A beautiful illustration of emotions and a magnificent tribute to mother. My heart melted in delight with the way you channelized your thoughts in such a sublime way. 😊

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    • Your comment is so pleasing – “I can everyone can connect with your tribute ! “. I believe, its a blessing from my mother which is helping me express myself so well. Thanks for relating with this post in one of the best ways – “You spoke for all of us.”

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  2. I loved how you compared the emotions we share with the Almighty on one hand and Mother on the other. I got all pensive after reading that coward thing… My mother and God are together somewhere in heaven. And still I search for her before God. I trust her more… And I am proud of that…😊😊😊

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