Rebounding Wishes


Today, there is one voice, one sound,
“Happy New Year” wishes all around,
But today I am forced to ponder,
If these wishes really matter?

I was wished happiness,
Last year too,
But it was my worst year,
I do not know about you.

Today makes me ponder,
If wishes really work?
It will hold true for,
Both good and worse.

I wonder, who wished me pain?
Who wished for my grief?
Who was behind?
This tragic time.

Those who are wishing me today,
Are those who wished yesterday.
And it leaves me with two ways,
To find what did you really say?

One path tells me,
You wished me for formality,
It was just a forwarded message,
You didn’t wish me whole heartedly.

Other tell me,
You have a dual face,
Behind that happy wish,
Was hidden you ill-wish.

I do not know exactly,
Who is who?
You may find it rude,
If, I suspect all of you.

But, I won’t give you all,
A benefit of doubt,
So let’s play a game,
With no one to blame.

I will send you all back
What I was wished last year,
Each one of you,
Will get back your own share.

All I was wished, in the past year,
I am bouncing it back to you.
It doesn’t matter, if you are far or near,
Those wishes will reach back to you.


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