Hi all…

So 17th Oct. 2010 is approaching soon….time 2 light up the torch for “FOPE DIWAS” once again. Today celebrating our 5th anniversery of friendship…lets go back down the memory lane and have a look at those cherishing moments which I feel were one of the best phase of our professional life…

16th Oct 2005 : Our journey started from Hotel Pritam @ Dadar to Lodhivalli, Patalganga.. lot of anxious faces… some wid enthu…some wid tension…..

17th Oct 2005…. Bus from township 2 LC auditoriam…whole day passed wid joining formalities & slight intro wid our batchmates.. all regions…all types…. Representing India’s …Unity in Diversity….

Then started study tym…v were introduced 2 few “PILLARS OF RELIANCE” as told by Alka Ma’am and it seemed s if v r bak 2 college wid classes whole day… bt then v started njoying tat phase…

N our daily routine was..reach office n go fr Awesome Breakfast wid lots n lots of “karipatta”…solving SUDOKU puzzles in classes..n sharing light moments with Abhay chacha.. (handwriting analysis…astrology etc..) .. Enjoying tea breaks wid Bourbon and Good day….

And the most nostalgic “making of refinery” video clip… IMPOSSIBLEEE!!……….. I-M- POSSIBLE…

And lot more moments to b shared..

Alibagh grp…..SAALAMI DO…

“Alibagh k do anmol rattan…ek onion te ek netwton..

Onion onion teray do nayan..”

GuGaMaTaDiJay grp…Guru ganguly maharaj tansen deepak jayesh..

Jamu’s gr8 efforts 2 explain “wat is chakadda”……..

Bongo’s creative cartoons…..

N our first Diwali party soon after v joined… Ganguly hosting that skit event….. n thn Pinku’s entry…”I vil also b host”…y only u…?.”Jyoti’s n Panda’s” superhit skit…

Our trip 2 khandala and lonavala…

N finally farewell day…our last day at PG..

28th Nov 2005 : Our journey from PG to JG….

Train journey was fun fr us and headache fr others in our coaches…

V landed in township at 12….rooms yet 2 b allotted and v were asked 2 catch 1.30 P.M. bus 2 LC….wat a shock..? n thn thr were many more.. it was lik leaving ur “dreamland” n land into “reality”… All serious strict faces arnd us…. N thn the whole grp divided in different plants…

For Crude group- RCB -UOP room was a blessing…. V were bak 2 fun tym… reading a bit and chatting a lot… Our initial plant visits wid lot of excitement n adventure which later turned out 2 b torture…. Wid shift duties and shutdowns…. Each and everyday had some “LIFETIME OPPURTUNITY” fr us…Bt whatever may come…our FOPE spirit has always been alive….

N I feel most of us who r Ex-RILs nw…really miss tat “happening”…fun-filled lyf …..

17th oct is really a milestone in my lyf…. Giving me a large network of wonderful frendz….

Wish u all “ A HAPPY FOPE FRIENDSHIP DAY”…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would like to share few FOPE mails from our group….which remind & summarise our “Good Old memories”

By Varun –—————————————————

“The first look of this large army bunker type building (RCB) with doors heavier than a bank's vault changed as soon as the confused guy entered the building and it felt like a small kid has just entered in Alice's wonderland. Even though I had company of other school mates (FOPEs) the total environment was giving a strange feeling until I found someone familiar - yes there was this life size picture of our Sh. Dhirubhai Ambani who stood tall, smiling and welcoming us. I must admit he gave enough confidence to a youngster who seemt like a debutant batsman facing Shoaib Akhtar as his first opponent. From the top glass row, entire view of Control Room flooded with screens and busy people jumbling computers seemt like a scene from James Bond's latest flick.

Soon we were directed to this large room (UOP room 1st floor RCB) where we were given a welcome speech by our HOD Sh. MAB which strengthened my impression that I have joined a post graduate program. Believe me I was not willing to accept that I am on job until Sh. SMP joined the stage. And than we had our first lecture on H2S, yes H2S was the thing which made it different from a post graduation course to “On the job Training”. Soon we were provided with our courseware the thick white bound manual with strict A3 size schedule clearly specifying the deadlines and dates for validation. That was the point when RIL taught me the concepts of goal orientation and target hunting, I mean can you digest the fact - just imagine you open a thick text book and on the very first page instead of acknowledgement you find something like dates of examination.

Now lets go outside the cozy environment of RCB. Every one was astonished to see the giant plant. We stood amazed to see all giant structures wondering what they were & correlating them with the black & white pictures in our college books. I was so happy when I figured out something like a venturi (although it was too big than I saw in my college lab) close to the so called heaters that I felt like a chemical engineer for the first time in my life. And the thought vanished out soon when I and my best friend in crude could not figure out ejectors even after climbing to top PSV platform of Vacuum column.
If I try to express all my feeling this mail will be like a novel and the size may energise our IT department to lock my e-mail id but still before I leave, I want to say thanks a lot to many people in Crude Department of which some have already left RIL.

By Priyanka ——————————————————————————

here i contribute to the chain mails by reminding and recollecting worst FOPE fears.

1. first day fear- what is FOPE?? everyone hoping its an engineering job and similar to the GET’s. P.K Jain explained in great length about the great scheme.

2. first week fear – atleast most of the girls wanted not to be sent to jamnagar and hoped they get to stay in mumbai.

3. first month fear – whether JG will have anything else to look forward to except the plant. hoping it not to be a deserted island.

4. second month fear – i call it jana fear and JG LC terror (military regime implemented). thankfully it lasted less than a week.

5. first 6 months fear – VALIDATIONS.this is my special fear and crude FOPE’s know why 🙂

6. First year fear- FOPE’s are taken as operators for JERP and there will be no recruitment for any new operators.

sweating it out in the field, this fear appeared so real.

7. Second year fear – BONDS, BONDS and more BONDS.

o GOD !! will i ever come out is what everyone thought.

strangely, JG’s pay revision also turned out to b a terror.

there r more fears which still linger on there like IT dept. fear and writing this i realize my mail can cause some fear for some of you and so i stop now.

FOPE’s can truly survive anywhere and everywhere now.

we have seen it all………..


I hope we got many more FOPE mails but I could not recollect them all….

So, all my FOPE friends….plz contribute and do share….some memories of FOPE Days…

Hope 2 celebrate this 5th anniversary by being together atleast through mail and phones…

Wish U all a HAPPY FOPE FRIENDSHIP DAY…!!” once again…


Prasanth’s contribution …(FOPE Flag )..!!

6 thoughts on “DOWN THE MEMORY LANE….

  1. Yup!! Patalganga has always been fun..late nites playing Dumb Charades and Truth n Dare games, plant visits, food, LC and more!!!!
    First day in Jamnagar – with broken hearts we accepted the reality….hats off to Teens coz of whom we all friends could stay together in the same house….
    If I remember well, it was FCC which first started with shifts… was wonderful to meet all my friends when I came back home after my very first ‘B shift’…..
    Climbing those huge columns, tracing pipelines – was that crazy!!!!
    Our super cool Managers Arora sir and Raman sir – made learning n working more fun…..
    Well this is a never ending chapter!!!!


  2. Well thanks to all you guys and especially Akanksha for sharing there thoughts. I had a wonderful walk down the memory lane. Most of what I feel is no different from what you guys have already said.

    During my more than 1.8 years of stay with RIL, I had seen and heard lots of things…some beautiful some ugly…some friendly some hostile….some good some bad…some motivational some depressing…but at the end when you tie all these things into one string, it becomes a enormous power, which do have the potential that leaves such impressions into your persona that can’t be rubbed out. And probably that is what we call “life”.

    So I too have had my share of imprints on by life, printed by RIL.

    I am writing to express my gratitude for those of you who have been encouraging, have been a source of guidance, appreciating my efforts and have been kind enough to forgive me on my short-comings.



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