The Straight Line – That Changed My Life


Throughout our lives, we try to sort things around us, to set any haphazard thing as straight. But, certain waves are necessary to survive and the worst straight line to witness in your life is the ECG line of your loved one.

From the moment we are born there is only one ultimate truth which is certain. The truth that we will die one day, leaving behind our families, our loved ones.  But, as people say, life will become difficult and depressing if we keep on waiting for this truth. So, we induce the feeling of positive future in kids. And we see everyone around us getting so absorbed in this myth – we run for luxuries, we fight for superiority, we do not compromise to satisfy our ego and we consider we are capable of doing a lot, and are moving as per our own will. But, how long? One day you will witness this truth.

Some people are so absorbed that even after witnessing this truth, they continue moving on the same path, as that was attractive, joyful and pleasing.  Some take a complete halt/break. And some decides to find a new path- a path whose destination is the ultimate truth of your life. Yes, you heard it right. It’s not a college degree or your job or marriage or car or bungalow that is your destination. This is all illusion and nothing else.

We are here as humans to enrich our soul and to attain “Moksha” and absorb ourselves in Lord.

Why then we are living this artificial life and also encouraging younger generations to do so?

Today’s world is moving at such a fast pace, people in this society have advanced so much that spirituality is considered as superstition for some and an orthodox approach by others. I have witnessed this myself in very spiritual families too, where the ancestors were absorbed in praying God but if younger are following this routine it is termed as abnormal, it is criticized.

And this draws a boundary line between the opinions of society and your own opinions. You can be a sheep moving with the herd or you can be a Lion moving on your own path (alone but confident).

It’s all about your own vision and preferences.  I live for myself and I will die for myself. I came alone and I will go alone. So, I have to choose my path and destination alone.

Life halts on a straight path. So, the path to actual destination won’t be straight- it will have curves and bends and challenges.

Be a Lion, Accept the challenge, Move ahead, and show this world you were never a coward sheep but a brave Lion.



7 thoughts on “The Straight Line – That Changed My Life

    • Thanks for your valuable feedback. It’s nice to know you liked it. I am in grief for long, my last 2 posts were so negative and in this one, I felt like ending in a better way and it’s good to find that it served as a food for thought for you.

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  1. Death is the inescapable truth of every mortal’s life. So till the time we live its upto us whether we roar like a lion being the masters of our destiny or we roam around like a coward sheep that looses its individuality amongst a directionless group.

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    • These are just two ways of living and both have its pros & cons. One leaves us alone but brave & confident. The other leaves us surrounded by a group of people but dependent and with very little space to follow our own ways.


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