Unravelling the mystery of our existence..??

The origin of this blog is my orkut and facebook status update. As I had nothing new to update for past few months…I felt irritated and thought of describing my life in best possible one liner…”Life is so mechanical…Feeling like a ROBOT”….because my daily routine is like this.. Get up in morning, go to office, come back…read newspaper…talk on phone …have dinner and go to sleep and then comes the next day —– a NEW day with nothing NEW in it.

It’s amazing that, I have completed almost a quarter of my life and I really don’t know- WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE? What I want to accomplish or what GOD wanted me to accomplish. Of course, HE must have sent me on earth to serve some purpose…but what it is..?

Hope all of us remember our school days & of course, the most boring subject we used to have. How we used to study that? We used to study it just for the sake of passing exams & maintaining our percentage without actually understanding the real learning / motive involved in that.

I think the same is happening with my life. I am living just for the sake of living passing each day of my life without understanding the purpose of my life.

And I think not only me but most of the humans in today’s world are so busy chasing our MATERIALISTIC DREAMS that we don’t even get the time to think about the motive of our life.

Now , when we are stuck in some problem and you don’t see any solution, what is the approach? Look for other similar things / situations & observe them. This is wat I did to find answer to my questions. I m one of GOD’s creations and there are so many other creations of GOD around us : – Water , Air , Sand, Trees , Mountains …… And what is common in all of these? They are serving other creations of GOD. Now , we may think that I am doing job and serving my company. But here lies the difference. We are serving and we are earning. But all other GOD’s creations are serving unconditionally without expecting any favour in return. For instance, water is essential for humans, animals, trees & is therefore serving us but does it want anything from us in return—NO, nothing…

But most of the humans just think about “ME “ & not “WE”. Even if we serve or help someone we expect a favour in return.

All the conflicts, disapproval, jealousy, hatred in this world – be it at family , office, city, state or national level is just because of lack of cooperation, understanding & helping attitude towards others.

Though we humans have brains , thinking power, intellectual ability & I won’t say we have not used it. We are today using air and water as means of transport. We are today using trees for furniture, paper and many more things. In short, we are making “Optimal “ use of all of GOD’s creations. BUT ARE WE DOING “OPTIMAL” USE OF OUR OWN EXISTANCE ?? – NO.

Have we ever thought , what GOD wanted from us when HE created us ? What are HIS expectations from this world and all HIS creations?

Let us take an example…

All of us know about JIGSAW puzzles in which we have blocks or cardboard pieces of different shapes jumbled up. And we are supposed to join them to get some beautiful picture or image as its outcome.

Now , coming back to humans. Have you ever wondered why all humans are different? WHY GOD HAS DONE SO MUCH DISCRIMINATION? Everyone has different qualities & attributes- some are too intelligent while others are not, some are rich some are poor , some are practical , some are emotional & so on… Each and every human being is Unique.

This is because I feel all of GOD’s creations are HIS JIGSAW puzzle. Because if HE made me complete with all qualities and perfection why will I talk or cooperate with you? HE WANTED US ALL TO COOPERATE & HELP EACH OTHER & LIVE WITH UNITY TO COMPLETE HIS JIGSAW PUZZLE – TO MAKE THIS WORLD HIS PERFECT MASTERPIECE.

But unfortunately, inspite of being so brainy this world failed to understand this message.

So, I have hit one ball and the next one was ready for me i.e., How to proceed in fulfilling the purpose of my life? I am just one single entity of GOD’s Jigsaw puzzle and my efforts alone won’t be sufficient to solve this puzzle.

Can anyone help in finding out a answer for this question ?

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  1. Dear, Your Blog is quiet sensitive and truth. Even I am in the same phase. But I think we might get an answer if we get a partner who can first of all understand us, share our feelings, and give us a backbone when we are in need.

    I feel we will be satisfied if we get a strong turning point in our life. May be all of us are satisfied in our job but still we feel that what kind of work we are doing? What ever we may be doing we feel we are not meant for this. Then what are we meant for. The ability to think is as you say is given by god. Therefore, we must decide our own path and find happiness in that decision. find a partner who can support you. Partner need not be husband. It may be your friend, sister, brother, father or mainly can be your mother. You must decide who is that partner.

    Decision is in our hands dear. So lets wake up and grab the best for us before the offer gets over. all the best for your future. May you continue your writing for long time.


    • Hello…

      Well I agree with what u said…bt still thr r some if & buts… Sometimes the monotony of our life is not in our hands… Sometimes the reason for our mechanized schedule is our environment and people around as.. & even ur best partners ( for me its my parents ) cannot help u 2 cum out of this damn boring monotonous schedule. It is an issue which can b resolved if everyone around u understands the need 2 resolve it. I feel 90% of ppl suffer frm workplace monotony, still they are not given versatility in work. Most of the organisation treat thr employees as slaves. If the office atmosphere is bit jolly, gives freedom 2 choose the way u work, n makes work more interesting…it vil b gud fr both employee n employer. Everyone does his/her part of work.. bt u can njoy it n do it wid full enthusiasm and interest & u can do it jst fr the sake of doing and there is significant difference in efficiency & output depending on the way u feel abt ur work. Our routine after office is in our hands 2 some extent but sometimes we feel so bugged up in office tat we tend 2 spend rest of our tym also in tat hangover only. If we take out the sleeping tym…we spend more thn half of our remaining tym in office and it therefore, becomes essential to revive our office environment. “FISH TALES” series by Stephan Lundin was a great effort in this direction but unfortunately I don’t think there is any Indian organization which tried to followed it..

      So, lets try 2 do our best n try 2 bring revoution in our workplace.. dunno we will succeed or not…bt we shud atleast give it a try..


      • We can consider all these. But ONE most important thing I would like to share with here since you have used Organization treatment of employers as slaves.

        I will give you an example of our own office and tale of our own team okey?.

        I have been in this office only for 1 year 9 months. When I joined this office there were not much people in our floor, Hardly there were 10 people overall in our wing and there was no interaction between any one of them. I joined. I am not a kind of person who can work without talking to anyone. I can work to the peak of my capacity but i need refreshment. I made friends. slowly one by one began going closer. Me and my colleague who has become my close friends started arranging birthday parties when ever there used to be birthday’s in that floor, we used to bring pastries, cool drinks and snacks. we used to call all teh people who are related to our team work. slowly our floor became happening floor in the towers. every one now were no more yorning and sticking on their depth of their desktops. everyone used to complete their work on time and also could enjoy the togetherness. though there were huge work no one used to complaint but they tried to solve the burden in an easy way accomplishing the tasks.

        After an year or a month after an year. new people started joining the team who were young and our team became more colorful. Always there are exceptions everywhere. suddenly some seed of jealousy, greediness, were found in the team. suddenly the same people were found talking on each other back biting. slowly we also felt that there is no use of doing all celerations since they were not worth. gradually we stopped everything and began to be to ourselves.

        now again the environment is turning to the one when I joined and even more worse.

        Organization did not interfere in this matter neither now nor before. But we are responsible of our situation. Now what do you say upon this situation.
        How organization is treating us? We are responsible of our condition. Organization cannot do anything if we are unite in work.
        What do you say now?


  2. Very nice thought but I think it depends on you what u want to accomplish?What is the purpose of your life?Just think and try to discover yourself.Try to come out from this MATERIALISTIC world and I am sure u will be much more happy then.


    • I want a balance in my lyf…I dnt want 2 chase my materialistic dreams n leave behind my family or vice versa… But sometimes…we land up in a situation whr everything seems 2 b stagnant… n v dnt feel satisfied either on personal or professional front. I am somewhere stuck up in this maze n not able 2 find my way out…


  3. Well….it’s good that at this age u have lot of thinking about life…

    But…in my opinion….don’t get bored with the routine…
    Life is destined to be Routinely Different….i mean…Sun always come in the morning and sets in the night….but there are seasons created by GOD which keeps the change going on.

    Try to live each moments of life…and enjoy with a thought keeping in mind that one day there will be end and when it will be, nobody knows…

    Keep it up..!


  4. Very Good inspiration thought essay.
    I could understand that Water , Air etc….are GOD creation they serving unconditionaly. Now think abt this a pollute water , air etc., can serve like fresh?
    I mean now u well understand
    that Duniya me 2 logo ko sabse jyada pyar karna chahiye…
    1=jinhone tume janam diya
    2= vo jis ne tumhare liye janam liya.


  5. Nice one from a very nice person. But you are too young to think all these “big”things of life and existence. Expecting more n more blogs from you.. All the best.


    • Thnx….

      n I feel its the right tym 2 think abt all this stuff… atleast I hv tym 2 plan my future steps based on the outcome of my thinking… thr is no point thinking all this stuff on death bed & regret… “Time & Tide wait for none”…


  6. Dear all
    yes she is true in every sense

    one point I would like to make
    when we manufacture a robot we expect it to serve in 100% efficiency and without any mistake or error.
    Same way, when you are saying that we are also kind of robot made by God, must be HE is expecting same from us.
    Now question is that Are we up to HIS expectations.
    Think over it.

    You said you are doing same things all day. Lets ask a question from ourself(introspect is the right word i think) are we doing these things repeateadly without any error.
    What is the reliability level that we pose.

    Let me tell you one thing something in person.

    I was kind of forced bachlor from last three months.

    Ok some times it feels like that I should be with my wife and daughter. however on the same time I was enjoying being that ROBOT.

    Hey are we doing some promotion for the RAJNIKANT AND ASH FLICK……………LOL

    any how Akki rt nw I feel, you should do add some new efforts in your life………….


    • I feel reliability level depends on interest level… n for few people like me…interest level depends on versatility in work… I feel reliability level is a direct function of ur repeated working until u develop proficiency in that work… bt when u continue dng it even after that & starts getting bored of tat monotony..u tend 2 mk mistakes (because u turn over-confident which ultimately results in carelessness) & reliability level starts falling down.. So, I dnt feel robotic , monotonous schedule means enhanced reliability…


  7. Hi aakangsha,
    How r u….
    Honestly i dont know the answer as i am also the part of the game.
    But it is nice to see that you have started somthing new to keep things moving in a new way.


  8. Akanksha,

    You have managed to convey a simple but very deep thought that can be identified with most of the young proffessionals around. I liked the subtleties within the presentation and the unadulterated biographical overtone to it. Keep on with dedication if you really aspire to be a good writer.
    Good Luck


  9. Well, according to the ancient vedic texts, Excess of everything is bad.. And that’s the mantra to tackle issue of materialism. e.g. if u eat cake once or twice in a month u’ll well very happy and enjoy it however, if u eat cakes everyday then u’ll loose interest.
    Same thing happen to us when we get much involved in one activity as compared to others and start losing interest in work, social outings and life as a whole.

    The best option in my view is to explore other sides of ur personality, e.g. u may like to share knowledge or teach kids in ur free time, or start experimenting with ur writing skills (like u’ve done in ur blog)..

    Give it some time and have patience, u’ll find the missing pieces of ur JIGSAW puzzle start appearing in life..

    Have a nice day!!


  10. Hey Akanksha,

    So good to read your blog .. I never knew that you have such a deep thought process and yes your thoughts leave me with a pointer to think in this direction and atleast start today’s mornig with a good thought to co-operate with others to make this world a better place to live in.. Keep it up dear..


  11. Truth of life stated in beautiful words. I saw a refection of my life in your words. Darling your words expressed feelings, which we face everyday but putting words to it is a bit difficult. However your blog here depicts it fabulosuly. Great! keep writing and sending me your blogs.


  12. akki
    what if I came in this world just to enjoy. what is the big deal if my life has no purpose. Will God pull me back out of this world because I am a purposeless human.
    What is the problem if I don’t serve anyone and live for myself and to take the service of others. Ok that might make me look a bad girl but point is that I am not hurting anyone else by just being happy myself.
    Why to strain your brain so much? live happy as long as you live.


    • I appericiate ur questions…which made me introspect what all I hv written here..
      No dear…GOD may not pull u back…bt unless u r an Atheist … u mst b knowing tat ur future depends on ur present deeds…
      I agree tat if u dnt hurt neone n u r njoying ur lyf thr is ntng wrong in it… but can u live ur life alone… No one is blind & selfless in 2day’s world dear… no one vil keep a helping attitude fr u…if u dnt hv the same fr thm…yes…the extent to cooperate wid others may vary fm person 2 person…bt I feel its not possible 2 nullify it… Its fine if u take service of others…bt also learn 2 serve in return…don’t b a Parasite…
      Its good if u can b happy all throughout your life… bt I feel lyf is nvr a roller coaster ride..we tend 2 get entangled in something or other…
      So, is it a big deal…if I strain my brain right now…n set my priorities & explore the purpose of my existence…?
      N I feel its better 2 know all possibilities n clear all confusions…right now.. after all I hv limited tym on earth…n I dnt want my soul regret later saying… “O God…!! Give me one another chance…I wanna grow up once again”..!!


    • Hi priyanka,

      Lemme tell you something… and you tell me whats wrong with that…
      i have to go from ‘A’ to ‘B’ …. what is that i require to reach there asap?
      A. speed… or

      B. DIRECTION 🙂 …

      … if i don’t know the direction i would never reach my destination….. and that is the same with ‘purpose’ in your life… it gives you the direction, so that you know where you are leading your life to… 🙂
      hope that satisfies you to some extent…


  13. Hi young lady,

    Your thoughts and the way u expressed them are very appreciable. I perfectly understand from where these thoughts occur coz even I have been through it & believe me… I am still living through it. What keeps me going is my FAITH in God. Like u, I used to question so many things on this planet & even beyond… I developed certain negativity in life as well due to bitter people/experiences, used to find that there is no one along with me, nothing in life for me and nowhere to go for me… in the absence of negativeness, there was boredom, routines, so on…. Once I was placed somewhere in my life – like I got happily married to a wonderful person, got a decent job, a manageable home, good friends/colleagues around me… so am I fine now? No… there is still a question… who is me & for what I am really living for? how will I rise above this life? Well, answers to these questions, I know I will find but for that I need God’s assistance… without God’s approval, I will be searching in vain… When God has created jigsaw puzzle pieces, (s)he will undoubtedly know where to place those pieces & when & how… I have stopped being too curious but yes, I do get frustrated at times due to stress of modern living… I am a person who don’t like routine but you can’t escape your daily duties/chores. I look for solace in my faith & trust in God, in books that I read & in my immediate family & close friends. The learning for me through my experiences is ‘to surrender completely to God & be nothing is everything’ but it is not easy to achieve nothingness.

    For you, I would say that ‘do not think too much… it spoils u… but feelings do not suppress… keep expressing them…’ I feel, you are about to enter a new phase in your life & with God’s grace, let it be all good for u…! Have ur Trust in God!

    Finally, Ms. Akanksha, you write well & I don’t think I was wrong in telling tat u do resemble Nupur!! Let’s meet sometime whenever tat’s feasible!! You are every bit interesting to me…! There are many aspects in your write-up… seriously, I can write even more but I am ending it here…!

    “The greatest journey in one’s life is inward… the greatest conquest is to conquer oneself…. the greatest learning is you.”


  14. Hi dear,
    As is the blog ,are the comments, except one of Priyanka’s.
    The blog is a clear outcome of frustration whose root is in mediocrity.
    These idiotic superficial ideas comes to everybody’s mind.
    The presentation is technically sound and above average, but that can’t suffice the reason to read it.
    Excel in any field ,time will fly, respect and harmony will come as byproduct, and there will be no time to think about these useless things.
    Otherwise, at the best ,you will create a group of flattering hypocrites but the outcome will be nil and the precious time wasted.
    A thinker should not be mediocre , because then her thoughts would not be respectfully accepted.


    • Hello…

      Well…let me tell u tat this blog is not an outcome of frustration but my monotonus routine & both are quite different… Let me tell you, frustration arises when u r not able 2 achieve wat u aim for..? But , wat I wrote here is not abt my failure 2 achieve my aim. ITS ABT SEARCHING WAT MY AIM IS..? What is my final destination…?

      Secondly, let me tell u tat I dnt feel any bit of what is written is idiotic… Its just that u dnt think this way…

      There r basically 2 types of ppl —
      1) who follows the path followed by all others…the path whr majority is gng…without actually knowing whr the path goes to..?
      2) who believes in making thr own path…who questions each n everything…who want 2 explore new possibilities…who thinks at each step tat whr tat step may lead to..?

      N I feel neither me nor u is capable of giving judgement tat which of the above category is better or which one is idiotic…

      I hope both have thr pros n cons…so u shud jst follow the path u lik..

      N yes ..I dnt think…all this is wastage of tym… I feel its a pity on me…if I cannot take out few moments of my life 2 explore what actually was the reason 2 get this life…wat was I supposed 2 accompalish in this life..?

      N I never want 2 b so busy whr time keeps flying…. beacz may b in tat race..I will forget 2 live… most of us r so busy tat v keep dying 2 live..(its hard 2 tk out tym fr urself n ur family)…n one fine day…wen our tym gonna get over…v feel…”oh…I hv nt started living yet…hw can I die so soon..”..

      Neways….if u still feel… wat I wrote is useless… do convince me…I welcome all sorts of discussions & criticisms…


    • Hi,
      it’s so easy to discard the mediocre… isn’t it….?
      but have you ever thought that if it were not for the mediocrity this world wouldn’t exist… that being mediocre is the best thing for acceptability into the society… that if it weren’t for mediocrity, excellence wouldn’t exist… and that whatever may come and go, mediocre is there to stay… it is the stable part of the world…
      so to say, even what you have written is very mediocre writing (mine too)… but whats the big deal… there is nothing bad in being mediocre… it’s fun being like the others… and the world needs to realise this and work towards improving individualities among the big crowd of similar people…
      life is fun when one learns to be a part of the society than try to run away by trying to prove that one is different…
      we all have lots of things in common… and i agree with akanksha in that we all have a purpose… i realised mine… and am working towards it… and would love if everyone knew theirs…:)


  15. Dear Akanksha,

    Life is after all not all that bad to people who have understood their purpose and role in this world’s drama stage. Being selfless is a way of expressing to the ‘One’ above that you are ready to participate in the jigsaw. Mother Teresa is a good example of an accomplished life. She perfectly fit in the world and yet was totally out of the world (non-materialistic). We have many such examples of accomplished lives around us. Understanding one’s life’s purpose does not come from outside, rather it comes from within. It is true that ‘practice makes a man perfect’ and not husbands, parents or friends.

    One way of being selfless is to practice ‘love’. The Bible says ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’. It does not refer to the people living next door, it refers to strangers. To be a Good Samaritan is not a law, but it, at the least will help us to be the one we are created to be.


    • Well said…!! I agree Mother Teresa is one such example…who lived her life 2 the fullest… who utilized each n every moment of her life…2 help others live happily… This is exactly wat life is.. ” We all live for ourselves…bt the person who actually live is the one who live fr others as well..”..
      But this sort of idealistic life style cannot b adopted by all. We all are not Saints. They had immense control on their emotions & desires….we don’t..
      My quest is fr common men…to find out a best possible way to live… creating balance of our emotions & desires…


  16. Dear Akanksha,

    Congratulations on reaching that stage where you begin questioning life… You’re encountering shades of what appears as the “quarter-life-crisis”… You’re also lucky that you’ve actually begun questioning the purpose of your existence… A lot of people never really ask themselves that question, and there are others who live their whole lives without meaning and try to include meaning just before hitting their death-bed…

    So, you’ve taken the first step of questioning, now what next??? Here’s the tricky part… Adding meaning to your life requires taking “the road less travelled”, and not following the herd. Easier said than done. Here, your attitude will decide the outcome… It’s easy to give in and follow the herd than to have the character to be yourself in a world that’s trying to make you somebody else.

    Almost everyone feels they need to change the world, but that’s only possible when you change yourself… Change takes place on an individual level… Be the change that you wish to see in the world, and rejoice if you can inspire someone to follow their chosen “right” path….

    All the best in your endeavour…


  17. I went through the exact same mental condition prior taking up research work.

    At one point we all realize there is nothing more to learn in the organization, that we are serving . . . there are no more challenges . . (After all most of the organizations are designed to be mechanical to serve their purpose of extracting money from the pockets of the common people . . . they call it Bottom line – – – “Profit” ) . . then the life becomes a routine .

    One fine morning we all want to break loose but most of us don’t do it at all. Most of us don’t dare to take the risk. Of course there are many more who don’t even question the monotonicity of life . . . and take it for granted. And there are some body like you who starts with questioning the system . . . (some body like me who was doing that for last two years) . . . then we all get rational (Unless you decide to go Rang De Basanti way . . . which we don’t do generally. . .we all are romantic rebels not in our real life, sad but true!)

    . . .Then we look around and try to identify the work that may best suit our personality and inner craving for facing a challenge every day . . . here money doesn’t drive us any more . . . nor fame or social status . . . I found my identity with that of a teacher . . . if I can’t change the system . . . at least I will make sure (a part of) the next generation understand the flaws in the system , a part of the next generation should also enjoy reading books just for fun (it is not a “mug-up job” to pass some meaningless exams) . . . and at least I will try to create a little less number of hopeless fellows who attend school just for the sake of a degree and not for learning . . Here I contribute my part in completing the jigsaw puzzle

    . . . and I sincerely hope if every body contributes like this the world would be a better place to live in . .I am not saying every body should leave their job . .but always they can think to create a better work-environment . . . why can’t all the company’s be a Google ? . . . why do they always have to be a Monster Microsoft? . . . Look both are profit makers but no body criticizes the Google-way. I am not an entrepreneur . . .in case I were one I would have definitely tried to create another Google (Value system wise) . . .

    Others may find solace in NGO jobs, Writing Novels, Social works, Painting . . who knows? . . . so my dear friend try to find yours and then . . . probably you will find a way out of this restlessness . . .

    there were a few grammatical mistakes . . .that’s alright . . . but keep writing . . .the idea was original . . .as it was heart-felt . . . its hard to fake emotion in writing . . . only absolute geniuses can do that . . . so I know you mean you every word . . . that’s the reason it was lovely . . .

    (I wish could convey my idea in a better fashion and with passion . . . but I know my writing stinks . . . so forgive me)


    • Its really nice 2 know tat there r other ppl who hv undergone similar thoughts…

      N I think wat u concluded is something feasible…
      We can jst try 2 fit in as many pieces of puzzle as we can… n thn our pieces (ppl arnd us) may fit wid those surrounding thm.. Who knows…someday the puzzle may get solved..
      We shall jst find out wat satisfies us…n try 2 contribute our part…the way u hv found out..

      I really appreciate the way u understood the theme of my blog….its perfect..


  18. Hi again,

    Adding further let me say that usually there are 2 types of people in this world… one who let things [fate] happen to them & second who make things happen & change their fate… Why I said this is we should continue doing our stuff in life whether it is keeping up with the routines, doing something new or different, struggling to find solutions to our problems, excelling in the field that we are interested in, striving for inner contentment & whatever that we need to do!

    When you mentioned about JIGSAW Puzzle & pieces in it… do we have that capability to solve the entire puzzle or if not, should we keep checking that pieces around us fit with us or we fit with those surrounding pieces… ?

    To conclude, life is not a jolly-ride or a bed of roses but a constant journey of struggle… even when you are sound asleep, are you aware how your body is still functioning & body organs doing their job? Of course, in life, you have your good/happy moments, freaking moments & so on… there are ups & downs… routines & surprises… But eventually, there is a supreme power over us whether we believe or not… God helps those who help themselves. Just because miracles happen, that doesn’t mean we need to wait for it… we do our work… God will do His. Take care.


    • ya…so true…n tat means…we shall try 2 put in our best efforts n leave the rest on GOD… thr is no point straining my brains fr the whole world… N i m sure if I do my best…GOD vil surely help me live a satisfying life…


  19. Dear Blogger

    I wish to start from the initial background of your blog, which states and raises concerns about the monotonous life.Yes, what you said is so true sometimes the reason to sleep is nt sleep but to wake up next day to reach office ! every day is just the same. but we could still find novelty in our own ways wherever possible -may be enjoying the weather, good or bad, looking at some kids going to school and again either relaxing – we completed the phase, OR remembering the wonderful sweet days of childhood.
    I agree that everything that is on earth has a purpose, some have definate purpose, some have to identify, but yes it is undoubtedly essential to know the purpose.
    The purpose could be too simple, just associating to the basic scientific theories of creation ,or to contribute to world in larger terms, by effort ,wisdom ,virtue- adding more to life !
    Sometimes we find ourselves entangled in the “web” called life…as we disentangle ourself we get answers to many of our questions.

    Sometimes, we shall wander aimlessly and explore, discover.
    BUT yes
    Life is beautiful – live it…do not spend it!


  20. Hi Akki,
    Quite right!
    One thing that seems strange is the expectation of GOD from humans. I think one should better think about expectation from his own existence.
    Other thing that i would like to bring up is the culture that your environment poses on you. In India, our government wants us to be beggers of MNC’s and poses India as a production hub. New modern age people are becoming less and less capable in the name of ENJOYING LIFE & SMART WORK!! Also, thinking that they need to compete, people forget the very meaning of competition and gets sucked in over-working schedules getting no time for themselves and more so, for thinking new thoughts!!!
    We need to b more honest (w/ ourselves), hardworking and ready to take/follow different paths.



  21. Bua,
    can’t say much ….as i hv not been able to observe as much life as u hv…..
    but yes …..ur blog did touched my heart….coz in sm way or d other ’twas related to me also……found it interesting…..
    now lets concentrate on helping u get d answer …..d purpose of ur lyf….could not be determined as easily……coz M also tryin to figure it out!!! n hv not been successful in doing so….as soon as i find it …..i’ll surely provide u with it!!!


  22. Akanksha,

    Right from the times of Patalganga training, I somehow knew that you are a seeker. I am really pleased to see that you finally translated your feelings and experiences in words.

    We can organize a communion of ‘seekers’ but I am sure there are numerous out there. They all end up of becoming organizations (rather than communion) and showhouses of power, politics and prestige. Perhaps the key to success of any communion is the presence of an ‘enlightened’ being. Who is one? How to identify one? Every seeker treads a unique path to get closer to the destination of being in oneness with the existence. There is consensus on the common thread that ties all the paths together and it is meditation. I am not referring to meditation as concentration on something or anything. I am referring to meditation as dhyaan, egolessness, thoughtlessness, mindlessness or just being ‘witness’ of all that is happening. Do you meditate?

    Also I recommend two sites for you to explore:


  23. Dear Akanksha….
    An amazing , touching and a very ‘close to real’ blog.
    I went through all the comments written for it…..they would be from your colleagues….friends…teachers………….
    Well I have seen you as a child blossoming into a young fine girl who had the zeal to excel and let me tell you with conviction that we all go through this phase of introspection….
    Life seems monotonous and boring at times……..LIKE ROBOT AS U MENTIONED…….and THIS IS THE TIME….when WE need to reassure ourselves that we were sent with a purpose to this beautiful planet….big or small.
    I remember….about 30yrs back when I first entered my class…….a bunch of app 30 teenagers(boys )were ready to bully n test me ( I was scared to no end)…….
    Somehow I did manage to get through……
    The day seemed long,tiring,testing………I questioned myself……Am I fit to be a teacher?
    At home…in the washroom I stood in front of the mirror and kept looking at myself…
    ” Well if GOD has taken me to the kids…….then I CAN and I WILL……”
    Believe me Akanksha I would sit for 5 to 6 hrs daily and prepare for my classes,,,,,,,
    I found all this very BORING,,,,,,,,ROBOT LIKE,,,,,,MONOTONOUS …….
    but after about a month …when I would see my kids waiting for my class with so expectations….I GOT MY PURPOSE OF LIFE…………MY STUDENTS.
    Years went by…one school to another……one problem leading to another…one interview to another with competition getting stiffer day by day……
    I again went into the same phase of life……..
    What is the purpose of my existance? Sitting at home sometimes for a few months….I realized were worst……for I missed my kids.
    I then realized …………….teaching ,,,,schools,,,,,,,interviews…do get boring…POLITICS IN SCHOOL….some teachers not being serious at time ……all this made me ask…why cant these people do their job sincerely?Too many quests…but no answer…….
    One fine day……..abt 6yrs back……I got the answer to all my quests.
    I saw a young guy with a beautiful lady ,whom I didnt recogonise, waiting outside my office.The peon got them in…….He ran to me…..touched my feet and tears rolled down his eyes and he kept looking at me.His wife was shocked…so was I and so was his lil 3yr old kid.
    ” This is MY TEACHER”….who never taught me any subject”he told his wife and son…..but she taught me the biggest lesson of life.She was the one who ran to lift me and gave me the strength when I fell on the steps while everybody kept looking…….I learnt from her…the value of compassion……of little steps one can take to pay our dues for having come to this planet.
    Akanksha…I cried that day infront of so many…and got MY PURPOSE OF LIFE.
    If i can touch a single mind …heart……to this extent………What else wud i want?
    SO…………take life DAY by Day……as it comes.
    Your purpose isnt in doing big jobs,,,,,,,,,,or trying to make others understand their responsibilities …purpose is to be YOU….and let others be THEM.Lets give space to everyone…..There are all kinds of people to balance the universe…and THATS GOD’S DESIGN.
    Thousands of students…….different age groups…….different kinds …different needs…
    But at the end of the day after this long journey of 27yrs in the SAME JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BORING AT TIMES)………….NOT HANDSOMELY PAID……..WHAT DID I GET?
    I got the reason for my smile……and its YOU ALL !!!!!
    YOU DONT HAVE TO DO BIG ACTS/ THINGS……..Dont have to question yourself for your existance……..
    Take one day at a time……try to touch a heart if u can……AND YOUR PURPOSE OF BEING THE SPECIAL ONE SHALL BE FULFILLED.
    Love n take care

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Hi Akanksha & all the comment contributors,

    On Akanksha’s behalf – I would like to add some of these precious lines from my collections [own & borrowed]:

    If I am not for myself, who will be? And if I am for myself alone, then what am I? And if not now, when?

    You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.

    Not being able to do everything is no excuse for not doing everything you can.

    Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers.

    I am only one,
    But still I am one.
    I cannot do everything,
    But still I can do something;
    And because I cannot do everything
    I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

    There is a time to let things happen, and a time to make things happen.

    Finally, you have to pray not because God has to hear you but because you have to speak to God… your prayer doesn’t matter as much as your being prayerful. What you pray doesn’t matter, how you pray matters. Where you pray doesn’t matter, for whom you pray matters. Your faith in God is important but not as much important as your faithfulness.

    My dear Akanksha, I think you have opened up a Pandora’s box in everyone including yourself. This can continue for time immemorial…
    Thank you.


  25. Dear Aakansha,

    No doubt you have spoken the truth and facts of the life.

    The answer for this is u alone, Its all individuals mindset how to face the world as whole.


  26. Akansha it is nicely written blog…this statement will not be new to u…but it holds true..its not just the words which are nicely framed its yor feeling which is making it thought ful and giving us time to think on the topic which either we all feel but keep it to our self or we simply avoid it.
    We at some or the other point of time feel the monotony or boredom…this happen in both case when we are looking for something or when we have achievied whatevr we have wished for.We are human beings and it is in our nature to look for more.we are happy when we are expecting for something but once we achievied it the same thing becomes boring to us and then we look for new things……….what is there which we are exactly looking for?is there anything which if we will get we will be satisfied.the answer is no.We have made our life monotonous because we our not thanful to God for all the thingsthet have been given to us…We are becoming to selfcentric to think beyond our …me ..mine….I… we really wnats to be happy we have to look for our purpose in life which we need to define beyound our materalistic approach bringing smile on another person face …smiling yourself is abig thing we can do …let start introspection and redefine ourself to rise just rise above all


  27. I would not say in the manner every other person is saying about your blog.

    A person who really wants to save something (like a tree from getting cut by someone or a river getting polluted by many), starts doing something for it and not just saying it.

    Just imagine if Gandhiji had started writing blogs that we should go to dandi and generate some salt then may be at this time also British people are our bosses.

    My dear, we have already started spreading awareness about health and pollution.
    We have taken steps to help people getting rid off bad habits like smoking, drinking and doing something for their good health.
    We are already taken a step to keep environment clean by the products which are totally biodegradable and not creating or adding any harm to our environment.
    We have already taken a step toward earning a good amount of money but not just for us but for charity purpose also where you wont ask people to give slips for tax benefit against the charity amount.
    We have taken a step towards giving time to old people so that they dont feel alone and feel the warmth of a family and that too with a good health.

    You well said many things but only saying is not enough. Doing is mandatory. Start doing it.

    Truth is always bitter in taste but Truth is always Truth.


  28. Hummmm………
    Really a good discussion is going here; but at some places discussion seems to be distracted from origional question anyway………
    While reading the the originated thought from akansha one question has strike in my mind and unfortunatley could not get the answer till the last post of this blog!

    you might be thinking what is that question? please go to the blog once again. as blog says:

    “This is because I feel all of GOD’s creations are HIS JIGSAW puzzle. Because if HE made me complete with all qualities and perfection why will I talk or cooperate with you? HE WANTED US ALL TO COOPERATE & HELP EACH OTHER & LIVE WITH UNITY TO COMPLETE HIS JIGSAW PUZZLE – TO MAKE THIS WORLD HIS PERFECT MASTERPIECE.”

    in jigsaw puzzle none of the peice moved by it self and fit with another suitable peice. we the people of make the peice to move . we the people(or you could say players) who find out the right peice from the stack of peices for that perticular peice.

    in the view of above we should not be jumbled up in the complication of life instead we should float with the flow of life. we should welcome the life and let it come the way it is coming to us.

    in the game of “life – jigsaw puzzle” god is the player who will decide direction and timing of all our moves. infact he is the supreme power who will chose our adjacent peices (human) or you could say the destiny of peice will be decided by the GOD .

    if it is like that then we should become idle and not to be so desperate to acheive our goal; but GOD itself have given us a message of “Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana – You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of actions”

    so half of the theory of “life-jigsaw puzzle ” (which i elaborate) is correct i. e. GOD is the supreme power who will chose our adjacent peices or destiny of peice .
    but in that case what is the significance of work or “KARMA”?

    I think god just want us to enjoy the life at it fullest. live the every moment of life and wait for our turn.

    and when the right time will come we will be moved to perticular place which has alrady bee written in our destiny

    so you have to work just to pass the time in the order of waiting of your turn. if you don’t do work you will be out from game.


    • Prashant,

      I agree with ur view that “we should float with the flow of life”….In fact, one who can do so, will be the happiest person on this earth. But, how many of us actually does this…don’t we have lots of resistance to few things, likes and dislikes, preferences and priorities, reluctance to change, reluctance to adapt and at times reluctance to cooperate ? It is these forces within us that hinders in GOD’s game……it is these resistances which try to distract/ deviate us from the path. “Karma karo fal ki iccha mat karo”…..we are on this earth for some actions and we are supposed to perform them, but as per GITA we shall not
      bother about results, and we should not be affected by results be it good or bad. We shall just set ourselves free as a piece of jigsaw puzzle, shall do our “Karma” and leave the result to GOD, but what we actually do is we bind ourselves, we try to find out beforehand where to land, we compare ourselves with other pieces, and we try to take the command of game in our hand and play it our way. If we focus only on efforts and leave the result to GOD / Destiny, we will always be satisfied.

      Just try to recall instances with and around you, where you could have cooperated/ helped the person next door but you didn’t because you first evaluated all pros & cons, what benefit you will have etc. etc.

      My blog is just trying to focus that we should try to keep ourselves free and move with the flow, and at the same time shall try to respect and help other creations of GOD Unconditionally……

      I think you have got a part of the message …and you just presented in a slightly different way….

      But, I think, we are still half a way…..there’s still a lot much to explore….a long way to go….

      Keep discovering,…..Keep discussing….



    • thanx fr sharing ur views.. & ur observation & analysis also sounds good..
      yes ..we r all interconnected energy & we should jst keep the transactions..keep the flow of energy alive by exchange of good deeds & thoughts!


        • tat’s not a question exactly..tat’s a challenge.
          In today’s materialistic world people are unable to listen to their heart & feel the emotions.. they think they are smart enough to have brains & they just focus on business.. to earn money, to earn relations, to earn good name.. everything.
          What we can do is to do our best…to be ourselves.. We shall not get carried away by these materialistic thoughts. We can’t change the whole world..but we can probably set an example for some around us.


  29. I too was once wondering about my purpose. And WANDERING around my purpose. That is why I named my blog 40YearWanderer… in reference to the Israelites wandering in the dessert for 40 years. It wasn’t until I neared 40 years of age myself that I finally “got it”. I was CHOOSING the wandering just like the Israelites did – doubting God, giving in to the “day in day out” complacency of life. If you go back through my blog – you’ll see what I realized – when I made a choice to follow God’s path every time He revealed more and more of my personal purpose.

    We are all called to the main purpose- to accept the gift of salvation from Christ and to share the good news of that gift with others. Our individual purpose is then based around that while using the talents, gifts, and skills God has given to us. Everyone will continue searching until they focus on the relationship – the intimate friendship – with Christ. That and only that opened the eyes of my heart and soul to question no more.


  30. If I say that I literally felt connected with your blog you may feel that I’m flattering 😛 but still I must say, I felt very connected. your views, quest for the actual motive of life, reaching that magical age – 25, where you get all kinds of pressure- family, wedding, career, friends, boss,… n so on and so on… even i felt the same way before my 25th bday… the question of what has i explored n achieved so far till this day haunted me… n still does, but i’m on my way to explore the future opportunities! Jigsaw puzzle.. yes! dats what our lives are! It all depends on one’s mentality n openness to others which brings us close to other person.

    Great piece of work! Keep writing 🙂


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