What to celebrate – Birthday or Salvation?




It’s your birthday, but, unlike all past birthdays,
This one is different, as I don’t know…
If, today is for celebration or for mourning?
If, I have to continue feeling this day as blessing?
It is the day, when you took birth,
It is the day; your soul came to earth.

You grew up with a family, and made many relations and associations,
You spread your love, blessings, teachings and kindness,
On everyone who was around you,
But, now you left us all behind and we are unable to surround you,
As you left for a new journey, leaving us and leaving earth,
Making it impossible for us to meet you again in this birth.

You are the reason for my birthday,
You are the reason for my existence,
And for all this to happen, your existence was must,
I always had a reason to enjoy this day,
Thanking God to bring you on this earth,
Thanking God for choosing you to give me birth.

But, what to do today? Though it is still your birthday,
But, now when God has taken you away,
I am in dilemma, of how to react on this day?
You no longer exist, I can’t see you every day.
One part of me says “Celebrate” as this day gave you identity,
With which I grew up, and it therefore, stays a blessing indefinitely.

But, other part of me is contradicting,
Telling, celebrating birthday now holds no meaning.
Soul is eternal, and it exists even today,
Souls never take birth and never die,
Souls do not have birthdays,
And it’s not a lie.

It’s the association with body; it’s your human birth on this earth,
It’s your physical presence and existence in our families,
Which we have always cherished and celebrated as birthday,
The body that you left now as your soul embarked on a new journey,
The physical presence which is gone forever making our lives empty,
Shall I celebrate its birthday?

And now the soul is free, I believe it has attained salvation,
Isn’t it a greater achievement of your soul?
For salvation is better than human birth,
For salvation is better than staying on earth,
But, this leaves me with a unique question?
Does it mean, I have to celebrate your day of salvation?

How, can I celebrate your salvation day?
The day from when we had to part our ways,
This is your death day, the day that left us behind,
With tears and sorrow and the chronic pain,
I always wanted the very best for you,
But, that never meant to get separated from you.

Since, I am born; your birthday gave me a reason to celebrate,
But, today I am confused and unable to explain my mental state,
All I can think of, all I can say,
Is just that, I want to resonate,
My thoughts with the thoughts of your soul,
I just want to connect my voice with your ears,
And I just want you to hear,


35 thoughts on “What to celebrate – Birthday or Salvation?

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. Indeed, celebrate this date for it is worth remembering all the things you love about your mother. My birthday is tomorrow so I will celebrate for her as well as for me. What is her name? My mother’s birthday is Jan. 30 and I always remember it although she left this earth. A special hug to you, a beautiful daughter. Love, Pat

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    • Hi, Thanks for your beautiful words as always. My mother’s name is “Abha” (English meaning -Radiance) and it is so thoughtful of you to celebrate for her birthday with your own birthday. Every day , I get to know more of you, and the more I am knowing you, the more respect and love I have for you. I wish you good health and happiness on your birthday. You presence is a blessing for so many of us, I feel great to meet you.
      Regards & Love,

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    • Hi Raj,
      Yes you comment do make sense, “arrival of great soul”. It’s same as celebrating “Janmastami” and “Ram Navami”. My mother is like my God and the day of her arrival on this earth shall be celebrated. After struggling so long, your 2 line response, instantly gave me a new dimension to view this situation. I won’t say a formal thanks now, because this is what friends are for. You have always been there with me in my ups and downs and it’s a blessing for me.


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  3. Sometimes people underestimate the power and importance of memory, and that’s the greatest gift from God to humanity, your mum might not be here physically but rest assured she lives forever in your memory, reflect back dear friend and relieve your time with her” “oh no but don’t cry because she can never die anymore” you’ll feel much better I promise you… we should all quit chasing material objects and work towards building everlasting memories with our loved ones because when it’s all over, memories is all we’re left with ………blessings to you Akanksha

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  4. Oh! I’m So Sorry to hear about your loss. I can relate to your pain as I too lost my younger brother in 2017 just two days after my birthday. He was 10 years younger to me and was my only brother. Pain is still very sharp. May you too find peace. May her soul rest in peace.
    Lots of love

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  5. Your writing has a powerful emotional touch dear. I’m sorry for your loss and i pray your mother’s soul rest in peace. Pain is irreversible, nothing can make it go completely but i hope you smile everyday and live your life to the fullest, count your mother’s blessings.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and support. My writing skills are a talent I got from my mother, so it means a lot to me when I am able to transform my emotions in words so well. Whatever I write is with the guidance and blessings of Mummy.

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  6. Love the fact that you believe you are going to meet your mother again. Trust me, you will. I lost my dad last Nov but I dont feel like I lost him. I still feel him around and I know we will meet again. Another time another place!

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