It’s all MESSED up :(


Social Networking sites, Professional Networking sites, Matrimonial sites – with internet making it easy to expand and connect to respective circles, it’s also making it messed up with everything linked to one another.

In this educated era, and especially the cyber crowd that is considered smart enough, it still remains a question that why people are not able to distinguish amongst these?  The main motto remains in increasing number of connections.

It’s really strange when you get a friend request from your boss on FACEBOOK. A personal space meant for your family, friends, near & dear ones. What your boss has to do with – what you ate, what you felt, whom you met & where you went on your personal holiday trip?

Then coming to LINKEDIN – everyone from your family & friends is added there, no matter what their profession is? Everyone from school going kid to elder uncles gets added on this professional network without even knowing a bit about your job roles & professional life.

And on top of all this, the most peculiar thing I found was getting Linkedin invitation requests from communities and people of my caste. Oops…it’s so disgusting!! When will people understand it’s not a matrimony website.

Everything is so complex & messed up finally, that it becomes a headache searching for genuine connections among all this. Though it’s all up to us to decide whom we want to add and we can ignore all irrelevant requests. But, then it becomes difficult sometimes. When there are people senior to you in age/position & you need to accept their requests out of respect, or when there are innocent kids who plead you to increase number of connections and there you go adding all relevant and irrelevant people.

We need to understand the purpose and defining lines of such websites, so that they appear more clear, clean, relevant & comfortable.


5 thoughts on “It’s all MESSED up :(

  1. I agree and it bothers me that every site wants you to sign in with Facebook and twitter and wants to share on you page as you. I try to avoid, especially if its a business site that want to link to my personal page.


  2. So true Akanksha – it does seem to appear messed up at times. When you’re connecting in all these social medias you’re not sure where all the threads will end up.


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