A writer’s mind



Now, this is a topic raised by most of my readers. For those who are just readers there is always a curiosity to know how does one writes.

How you choose topic?

How you start writing?

How much time it takes?

How many drafts you make before the final post?

Do you think first or you just start writing?

And the list goes on….

Well, for me, writing is a hobby, a passion. I love writing and reading. What all I write about revolves around the things & circumstances happening with or around me. I keep observing and analyzing, finding reasoning & conclusions and this where I get my topics from. Once, this exercise is done and I get something good enough to jot down, I just pick up my laptop and start recollecting my thoughts to put them in words. It usually takes around half an hour for the first draft & then I spend some more time polishing it, formatting it, & of course choosing an appropriate image to accompany it. And then I hit the “publish” button & it’s done.

Thereafter, I eagerly wait for people to give their opinions on them. I mostly write about how I think of people, circumstances & world around us…what I interpret of it…& what my approach is…  I am not perfect and so is with my thoughts..In fact, for most of things we cannot just define a boundary line of right & wrong, it is more about what pleases you and your conscious. So, when I pour my feelings here on blogs, I get different views, different ideas which at times changes my outlook and at times it helps me justify that I am on a right path.

I have been also asked what if my writing & ideas are criticized. Well, I would just say, that I do look at criticism as a favor to me. It gives me a direction and scope for improvement.  It shows a path forward. I am not perfect & such comments help me in moving one step closer to perfection. So, all positive comments shows me I am on right track, all negative ones help me change my track & this is how I move ahead in my journey.

But, this goes well with blog. For writing a book one needs lot of patience, lot of hard work & I believe it’s really a tough task. I have tried doing so several times but no success so far.

So, it’s my request to all my wordpress buddies to share their experiences about writing – a blog, a poem, a book. On this platform of writers & readers it would be really great to know about your “writer’s mind” too.




Wish you all a happy time ahead in this “WORLD OF WORDS”.. 🙂

Keep posting…Keep writing…Keep reading..!!

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15 thoughts on “A writer’s mind

  1. Though a poem writer by hobbit i would yet like to say
    “Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered
    automatic weapons.”
    -General Douglas MacArthur

    On power of words because after all wars aren’t won by politicians, they are won by soldiers. We aren’t free because of those who took fasts rallied calmly but because of those who fought back.

    Yet words have power to change interpretations and change of interpretations leads to change of deeds, so they better be phrased as best catalyst to a directed change in world by a force.


  2. @hckkid: Comments on your first and second paragraphs:
    1. MacArthur meant to say that the automatic weaponry is really deadly (and not that words do not have power against automatic weapons). It is a type of comparison, or should i say exaggeration, where new weaponry has been compared to the most powerful weapon claimed since ever.
    2. I would suggest you to go out and see whether wars are indeed won by soldiers, or in the first place, even fought by them?!
    Soldiers neither fight a war nor win nor lose it… they just play a role in the scheme. Wars have always been fought politically and won – politically. A soldier is but a pawn in the scheme, one that does not even move unless the grandmaster makes a move.

    @akanksha: nice piece of writing. I do however want to add a crucial point about ‘writers’ and how it differentiates her. People write… but there are two ways of writing. 1. to observe and write, 2. to visualize and write. Although both require ideation and creativity, the difference is that in the latter, the writer gets into a mood solely for the purpose of writing… maybe the most romantic love story between a man and a woman was written by a woman who hated men, and the life of a beggar described by a filthy rich man. But of course, they would have derived the inspiration from a story they heard or someone they met or something they saw; however, the important fact is that they step into the shoes of the character and see the world through its eyes, speak what it speaks, hears what it hears, feel what it feels. And, that, my friend, is when the reader feels being in the authors position while reading that story… dialogues, or first person description or a narrator’s story-telling, the reader reads what the author wanted her to. That makes a good writer.
    I may not be a good writer (or I may be, i don’t know yet :D), and I have no pass judgement to the capability of a writer. Nevertheless, I am a reader, and that does provide me a right to select the author i may cheer, and the above is a useful guideline when it comes to realizing the potential of a writer – how well can someone write what one cannot feel, see, hear or touch…; and… words, yes… words bring that unfelt, unseen, unheard, untouched ‘something’ to life in the form of the writer’s composition.
    Was good to read your post… keep posting.


    • Hi Abhay,
      First of all, regarding ur response to “hckid” , well even I truely agree with what all u said.
      And then, your concept about observation & visualisation… its good but not always feasible because that would mean that all writers will just end up writing their own stories or at most of what revolves around them. But, yes a good write-up is one where the reader becomes so immersed , that it feels like moving to that world. For developing such stories and such characters, real life experiences are always helpful.
      A writer just needs lots of reading & a blend of observation, analysis,
      visualization & imagination to make it a wholesome piece of writing.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting..:)


  3. well,you resist facts aka truth and righteous life.so how can ya learn right things .do you want to become writer for sake of it or to become famous?some people become writers for fame and making money.these guys are not thinkers,just best sellers for passing time.

    one’s writings reflect their life,did ya live with passion.people have acceptance to quotes of famous and popular .when someone anonymous writes comments wiser than famous and popular,they don’t accept and rebut coz they din’t make name in commercial world.people don’t learn from criticism coz their ego and attitude are flexible to attributes such as fame,older than writer,popular than writer.

    well akanksha,this is not criticism,first thing is you don’t have clarity in life,2nd thing is you don’t accept truth by saying perceptions vary and we cannot define a boundary line of right and wrong.its not just you with this attitude,most of bloggers and writers in this world have this behavior.

    culture and civilisation defines everything in this world whats right and wrong to perfection.perception of right and wrong vary only when a person is selfish.am writing online from my 10nth grade days(2004).i found resistance and rejection to right things from bloggers and writers in cyber world.at one point of time,i gave up writing coz its really useless when people don’t accept right things.with so many thinkers from centuries and millions of copies of books in market,it din’t change people.people are what they are.


    • Hi Rohan,
      Thanks for leaving your views. Regarding your point about resistance of truth & righteous things, I would say that its not resistance it’s going into the depth & trying to understand the core meaning.
      And, yes there are varieties of writers..& with different purpose…some write for passion & others for money but that hardly makes a difference as long as your readers like what you write.
      Also, I object on your point regarding the fact that people run after popular names. It again depends on person to person…some go by name & others by meaning. It’s not that if you read about popular people you will start following them and loose your identity. It’s all upto you. Infact, one shall always read to identify the difference in opinions and judge what seems better.You can learn from it, you can modify it giving a new meaning. Expand your horizon and look around you.
      Closing your eyes or ignoring the circumstance won’t change the reality. , Also, if you feel, world is not reading & interpreting the way you feel, Move ahead …and bring the change. Let the world open eyes and see it with your vision.

      Hv a nice day…!!


  4. Writing is such a “personal” experience (content, not mechanics) that I’m not sure there is any one way to determine which direction or path anyone should take. I write poetry to vent, blogs to inspire and encourage, devotionals to teach, non-fiction to teach and encourage, and fiction to enjoy or encourage. I read scripture every morning before I blog, I pray for inspiration before I read and then I allow the Holy Spirit to lead me in what I type. For some this will work well and for others, not so well, especially if their experience with God is not the same.

    At any rate, I titled one of my blogs, “Always Thinking and Writing” and the other, “Writing for Life”. Both titles describe what I do with a degree of accuracy, but neither is inclusive of all the passion within or the time I take to make sure my readers get something out of what I say. Who knows–even with my deliberation-they may hate it or ignore it or it just might make them “think”. So, I guess, as I was writing a response to this invitation to share, I have concluded that I write primarily to make people think–not agree–but to think about what I say and how it either aligns or not with how they think or not. Words–have a power of their own–independent of the writer, but very dependent upon the receptivity of the reader.

    Always open to comments!


    • Hey…It’s nice to read your thoughts especially the concluding lines–” to make people think–not agree”. It resembles with my motto of writing too… , to share what I think and to get the opinion of how others think about it.
      Also, loved the last line — “Words–have a power of their own–independent of the writer, but very dependent upon the receptivity of the reader.” So, true!


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