Lifeless LIFE


Why life has turned so meaningless?
I have kept on struggling,
To find the purpose of my life,
And when I started finding contentment.
In service of my parents and God,
When I started thinking,
It’s the purpose of my existence,
God shattered it all…

We wanted to live,
We wanted to enjoy,
We wanted to stay healthy,
We wanted to move around,
We wanted to do a lot,
But, God shattered it all…

There are now,
No dreams to see,
No future to plan,
No desire to travel,
No mood to enjoy,
No enthusiasm to live,
No faith to pray,
No meaning to my existence,
Because, God shattered it all…

Our small happy world,
Is lost forever,
God is dictator,
God is ruler,
God, finally won,
We lost it all…

We are only left with,
And negativity…

Life is a burden now,
Doing anything is a burden now,
Why there is so much suffering?
What was our fault?
Why such a punishment?
Why so much of injustice?

Is GOD really there?
Is GOD really kind?
Is God watching us?
Is GOD listening to us?

I do not believe,
I do not believe in God,
I do not believe myself,
I do not believe you,

I want to run away,
I want to get rid of this truth,
I can’t face it
I can’t hold it.
I am weak,
I admit.

My foundation is gone,
How can I stand?
When I cannot even stand,
How can I walk?

Everything is standstill now,
There is no flow,
Stagnancy ruins.
With every passing day,
I am getting ruined.

I do not know,
What is expected of me now?
What to do?
What to say?
Where to move?
And what to see?

This silence,
This stagnancy,
This confusion,
This truth,
My grief,
My questions,
My depression,
My negativity,
It is all KILLING ME…





15 thoughts on “Lifeless LIFE

  1. Why such words became your companion?. Be positive! Search you Aim . Feel good ! Live freely! When you feel depressed, write it but be aware that this may not affect you.I know when we feel depressed or dull there is nothing to feel good.But you have power to fight with this temporary have power you can change the world.
    Ps. Wp is such large large platform here you can find such good motivator or writers one of them is ” success inspire world ” i followed him .if you want you too could follow him . As i feel good to read his poetry
    Hope you too feel same.
    Stay happy!

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  2. Akanksha, I am sad you are going through what you are going through. A good step is you putting it in writing as you are processing it rather than bottling it all in, this is a therapeutic process for you. It is easy to see all negativity now, but I wish you would see the bigger picture and see your experience for what it is. It’s not easy I know. Remember that people have gone through similar and even worse and come out of it, it’s all within you. Please watch this inspiring video, hope it inspires you.

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    • Hi, yes I do feel writing is therapeutic. It helps me express, it helps me interact, it helps me find like minded people or people in similar situations. Thanks for your support and for sharing Ballerina Video.


  3. Have Faith and be hopeful!! The force is always with you!
    And Whatever He does, he does for good.. for his children.. The waters may test you but the fruits will yield!! Stay hopeful, keep doing your work with devotion !😊😊

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  4. Calvin and Hobbes! Love these comics ❤ I relate to this so much and ask myself the same questions. Depression has a way of just grabbing hold of you and tearing you down, piece by piece, until you no longer recognize the person you see in the mirror. For me, therapy and my medication has helped. It is that little boost to help me. I still struggle with the depression, but it has gotten much better. I know it will for you as well. Stay strong and remember, it’s not weakness to cry 😉

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    • Hi, yes I do agree what all you said about depression. It do breaks us down to the extent that we are unable to gather ourselves back and I understand I have to try hard to resist falling in that state. I do not know how it will be possible just hoping that I will have enough strength to conquer this.

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  5. You’ve asked me to visit your blog and leave my impressions. They are these:

    I am writing to you from a tent this winter. I own three changes of clothes, and I wash them by hand. At this moment my fingers are so cold they hurt.

    Want to know how I feel about it? Please refer to the past several days’ postings on Timeless Classics — a series of pieces the titles of which all end in the word “Tent”.

    Those who follow God sometimes experience unusual hardship. You asked to follow God.

    Writers get depressed. You asked to be a writer.

    Tired of it already? Ask to be something else — the oppressor rather than the oppressed. You’ll be plenty comfy.

    Tough love says here:

    You want to stay on this high road? Well, the atmosphere tends to be a little thin here. Man up.

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    • Your comment is sort of eye-opener, I completely agree your statement about unusual hardship. But, one needs to be very strong to have a neutral reaction in such situations and to overcome the negativity created by our emotions.


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