Life is made up of varied experiences, some pleasant, some unpleasant and some are just a part of normal routine. We say at times, to forget the past, not to expect from future & live in our present. On the contrary, we also say we should learn from past experiences, we should do our future planning & live our present building a strong foundation for our future.

Life never comes with a predefined set of correct & incorrect rules. Circumstances & experiences build different energy levels around us & our actions are just carried away by these energies. We all ride on high & low waves, on positive & negative energies, on good & bad mood swings, on pleasant & unpleasant feelings, on relevant & irrelevant actions & this is how our life moves – sometimes accelerating, sometimes retarding.

But, the most troublesome part is when it seems to come to a HALT. When you just don’t see the way, when you are unable to decide where to move & when you feel trapped in a black box. Mind goes blank & you don’t know what next?

We leave all on GOD & on destiny & just keep waiting for what’s going to happen next.
It’s true that, this world is ruled by Almighty GOD & we shall accept that all happens with GOD’s wish. Also, it’s good if you stop waiting for results & just leave all on GOD. But, it’s not good if you don’t take any actions also.

What’s the way out when you are so engulfed by circumstances around you, that your mind looses sense of direction, power of thinking, judging, deciding & strength of accepting the reality?
A complete “BLACK OUT” situation…!!

Can anyone throw light on this & guide how to come out of this Blackout?



Leave your Views , your Feedback..

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