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    • What about the core purpose, the reason for our birth on this earth, we are supposed to perform some action, something not just related to our own movement but the movement of this whole world..
      Probably, we are here to perform some task assigned to us by GOD?
      I don’t know what it is exactly, but I believe its not just, eat,drink,study,job,marry …its something else.
      Like making others happy, helping people around you, help in making this world more beautiful & a better place to live in..

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      • god never came to earth and god never assigned specific task for certain human.the true nature of human is to be morally right,if you can hold very nature of human in all circumstances. thats the ultimate task in life.

        life is simple,we ask questions like,”whats our purpose on earth”? when we don’t have clarity in every aspect of life and when confused.

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  1. Okay, let me answer you. In very simple words “Living is for nothing”. That is it. Sounds like I made a very huge claim. Maybe, but absolute truth remains exactly what I said. How so? Very simple -> Consider life of a tree, it is also a living species. So what is a tree’s life for? You may say to provide others with fruit, shelter blah blah. No dear, I am not asking from your perspective. I am asking from Tree’s perspective. See from Tree’s perspective. Oh wait for a moment, tree doesn’t have mind. Wrong, it does have functional units, but not complex enough to bind itself in terrible questions. We have bound ourselves in long standing question that “What our life is for”. But what we rarely ask is “Is it the right question”.
    Wake up, leave the redundant curiosity dear, before its too late,
    And all could put to better, all that time is already spent.
    “What living is for?” isn’t really that important compared to “How living is?”
    When you have spare of living at your disposal then you should be concerned what it is for.
    Till then focus on “How your living is?”.
    Yet if you still got a want to know absolute reason behind me saying “Living is for nothing”, rather than advice that you shouldn’t be concerned about it visit my post http://hckkid.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/what-are-we/ you can skip first video and few content regarding contest in which i submitted it. Though second video yet 1 hr long, but clearly shows a human mind can me made “artificially”. So soon in near future, what would be “Living of a machine would be for”, in our perspective it would be to help us, so might be if there is god, and created us, his goal might be just to play, or he may be in need of help. Yet for humans themselves, it is for nothing.

    I know its hard to swallow, but truth is always bitter. I may be wrong, correct me where ever i am. But use Absolute Truth only for correcting me, not some beliefs.

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    • Hi…A completely different perspective..but it was good to read. About my opinions, well i still need to see the video links you posted but what I can say for now is neither your opinion is absolutely wrong not mine….neither your opinion is absolutely correct nor mine. This is not an objective question with straight , simple answer. This is a subjective issue & the answer depends mostly on your experiences, circumstances, mindset & what matters at last is what convinces you. There are several approaches to this & what you wrote sounds OK but not completely satisfying.
      I will explore more and get back to you if I frame any new viewpoints.
      Thanks for leaving your opinions here & giving a new turn to my thinking.

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      • Hi, good to know it did make some impact 🙂 . Here is something I have to say, if there is something not sound (which isn’t complete truth) in what I wrote I really want all those points to be pointed out. Because what I wrote is not at all from sociological perspective, it was from scientific perspective, where impact of things on human society and their use isn’t of importance but “Objective Truth” is of real importance. And I wrote everything keeping that in mind. So if you found something partially true, please ask straight ahead, it will surely help me on my goals. Humble Regards.

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    • Hi Satyender Yadav,

      I am inclined to agree to a considerable extent with Akanksha about your post. Still, I find your attempt at answering the question “What Are We?” admirable. There are rooms to make your post a much more compelling and persuasive one than it is so far, by the deployment of the following:

      Clearer organizational structure(s) such as introduction, development(s), discussion(s) and conclusion(s).
      Better use of grammar and expression.
      Triangulation of presented argument(s) or viewpoint(s).
      Tighter logic or line of argument.
      The inclusion of interdisciplinarity or multidisciplinarity.

      Thank you for bringing our attention to your post and for engaging Akanksha via comments.

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  2. Life is for living, living is for “freedom”. That is the steady state, of absolute freedom.

    Just like the glaciers break down into rivers, and rivers break down to oceans, and oceans break down to vapor; so also everything that is matter tries to move from a gross level to a subtle level. But what about non-matter, for instance, the mind, the intellect, the ego etc.? We see the same pattern there as well.

    At the grossest level, we have actions (that operate on matter and non-matter), actions are triggered with the body (which is matter), a thought (subtler than body) instructs the body to act, a thought is based on experiences (still subtle), experiences are stored in the intellect/memory (without memory, there is no experience), memory is based on consciousness (without consciousness, I will not remember; just like deep sleep state, you will know you slept but you don’t remember what happened after that). What is the consciousness and what is the root of it? We’ve to find that out.

    I can’t answer that for you, no one can. For all answers are based on memory/intellect/thought/action/speech order. It will be subjective. And since we’re discussing about something that is the root of all this; it can’t be stored in memory, nor can it be reasoned with intellect, nor can it be thought, neither is it action, nor can it be spoken.

    Thanks for providing a trigger to jot down. You’ve an awesome blog. God bless you!

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  3. Life is for living, living is for “OTHERS”.
    Name of the people who live for themself are burried with their ashes but the people who live for others happiness are always alive in their smiles and in their heart. For me it is the true meaning of living.

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  4. To find that unconditional love, that happiness that we always seek, that love we always want to feel is this journey. But to get there we go through many things that all show one thing…that lack of love, our fears holding us behind our walls until we finally break through in understanding of those fears and be free…and find that the love we had sought ‘out there’ has always been gently waiting for us inside. And in that process is built a love like no other 😀
    Check here
    ‘Reflections of Life’ for that journey ❤ 😀

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