The way we think…the way we feel…the way we accept circumstances around us…it regulates the energy within us. If we think positive….then positive energy flows within us and vice versa. Even if we don’t go by this logic….it is sure that there is no harm in thinking positive & no good in thinking negative.

Then, why negative ?…Be Positive..

But, how can we feel positive when something wrong happens with us ?

If we accept few truths rather facts it will be easy to cope up with all positives and negatives in a justified way.

1)    Happiness & Sorrow both are temporary. None of them is going to last forever.
2)    Nobody’s life is a path of roses.
3)   Everything won’t happen the way you want, because its not you who is ruling the world.
4)   Excess of anything is bad (and this includes happiness also…yes…excess of happiness is also bad)

If everything happens the way we want that may also be harmful.

For instance, if you keep driving at full speed there is high probability of accident… so we have speed breakers on roads. They don’t stop us …but controls our speed so that we may keep moving safely. These speed breakers are not obstacles and are insignificant part of our journey…what matters is our Destination…

Same applies to our life… we face few bad experiences and feel depressed and disappointed. But if we see in long term, then we realise that either those experiences have taught us something positive or they were so insignificant that we don’t even remember them. We should always look at our Long term goals and not Short term goals.

Life is beautiful…and we should learn to enjoy all ups and downs..

Don’t try to race too fast and miss enjoying happy moments of life in that race…

Day and Night both are important and beautiful ….but we realise that value only because we have seen both.

Now, the question is how can a negative situation be accepted positively?

The answer is see the positive out of it… all bad experiences teaches us something so welcome them as a learning experience. It is difficult and cannot be implemented on all situations but if we try to change the way we look at the situation… we will gradually start feeling positive.

Most of the circumstances are just a matter of our perception. Just see the world around you…and you will see two categories of people :
1)    Who are depressed , sad , poor …whose every moment is filled with pain, hunger and uncertainty. But do they keep complaining…No…give them a good job and assurance they won’t be hungry and they may become happy.
2)    Who are born with silver spoon in their mouth…they have all luxuries and don’t seem to have any struggle or any reason to be unhappy. But are they happy always…a slight fall in their shares may trigger their mental peace.

So , no one is always Happy and no one is always Unhappy. And everyone has different priorities and different reasons to be happy. Now, what we need to understand is that we have to see both happy and unhappy moments in our life span and it is up to us how well we deal with them.

Never be over whelmed by your success or happiness and never be over depressed and frustrated by your bad experiences. Its all a part of life …try to be neutral and be justified in your reactions.

GOD has given us this beautiful life….family , friends…and lot more and if HE is also giving us some problems…they are just because HE wants to test our faith in HIM or to make us more STRONG… and more strong means…he is preparing us to climb the next ladder …

There is an example of how important struggles are in our life (from You Can Win by Shiv Khera) :

A caterpillar has to struggle a lot to come out of shell and become a butterfly so once a human thought of helping it out to come out of its shell.
Result : Its wings were not strong enough and it died soon.
Moral : Struggles are important in life as they give us more strength & maturity.

Nothing in this world is impossible…You just have to decide what direction you want to give to your thinking..

Wear green glasses and the world around you is green …Wear black glasses and the world around you is black..

According to me…Best option is :

See your present with White glasses and DWELL IN REALITY…!!
See your future with Green glasses and BE OPTIMISTIC…!!


18 thoughts on “BE POSITIVE ++++

  1. Well done dear!!
    You have tried to capture the true essence of positiveness but to be positive in every condition is a easier said then done . Bascially , a person’s state of mind is affected by both the external envirnonment and the inner self. External environment can’t be controlled by us but we sure can control our innerself.To achieve this state one has to be in touch with one’s innerself and has to practice self control.
    Motivation is another important tool in maintaining positive outlook in life .One should make a daily habbit of having dose of motivation , just like the daily bath.
    This motivation can again be internal(through meditation) or external (through books , tapes)
    Having positive attitude won’t change the worst periods of life but it surely will allow one to bear them with ease..


  2. Very nicely put indeed!!
    As they say, “if everything is coming swiftly your way, you could as well be driving in the wrong lane”.
    So take the ups and downs in your stride. The footprints that you leave behind, will define your person. Think not, what the world has given you, but what YOU have given to the world around you, for the joy of GIVING is million times greater than the joy of receiving.

    Keep Blogging!!


  3. I came upon your blog from the Live and Let Live tag search.. Great positive blog you got here.. If words were actions, what a wonderful place the world will be.. ! Thanks for writing positive thoughts.. and actions, it is encouraging to be here.. – feels like a place on the internet where there is no scope for hate..


    • Thanks a lot for your appreciation…!! and would be really great if we can really put these words into actions and implement this positivity in our lifestyle..and i believe…if we try for it…we can surely do it..
      YOU CAN”..!!


  4. Sometimes in life, you got to “JUST BE” than Be Positive….! All the same, Being positive does help! No issues here.

    I have mentioned this in one of your earlier blogs that ‘being nothing’ actually takes lot of efforts. Negative and Positive are two sides just like in a graph. Being ‘zero’ or neutral should be more difficult coz one has to act or react at most occasions. Getting detached from every/any feeling is challenging.

    If we consider the philosophy of “Karma”, when we do bad we have to bear its consequences and even when we do good also we have to bear its fruits. So, to reach to a point where we are liable to absolutely nothing, that is Moksha or ‘Salvation’. Does anyone really care for that? I do.


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