To be with you…for Eternity!




I can feel you,
But, I can’t touch you,
I can talk to you,
But, I can’t hear you.

It is so difficult to witness,
This one way communication.
Everything appears meaningless,
I am unable to handle this situation.

I know you are there,
I know you can never leave me alone,
You must be watching me,
You must be listening to me.

But, everything is one sided,
I also want to see you,
I also want to hear you,
I want to hold your hand & hug you.

Why there is a barrier?
Between two of us.
If my love was pure,
Why I have to suffer so much?

What shall I do?
To remove this barrier,
To regain our two way communication,
To be able to see and talk with each other.

I want to visit your world,
Please take me along.
So that we can stay together,
Today, tomorrow and forever.



16 thoughts on “To be with you…for Eternity!

  1. I can feel you,
    But, I can’t touch you,
    I can talk to you,
    But, I can’t hear you.

    So also the feelings of mine ,
    Says your mom.

    She adds:

    Wait a little my girl,
    Don’t fight the swirl,

    Time is yet not ripe,
    Same to me to swipe
    Like the loga is maya
    So also time.

    I am with you
    Watching you
    Let me in peace
    Don’t cry in grief

    We will be one
    When your duties are done

    Be you, yourself
    I like you
    To be as ever
    When I was with you ever.

    Cry not ever
    It will be my shower
    Invisible blessings
    To make others power
    With your love and innocence
    I love you ever though
    You can see me never.

    We will be one
    When your duties are done.

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    • Your response is really commendable, it is so soothing to read especially the line ,”We will be one”. I am really grateful to you, for your support and the way you communicated in form of poem, it came out so well. Such comments do make me feel positive and provides comfort. Many thanks for being there and for helping me out in this tough time.


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