3 thoughts on “# 4 : EMOTIONS

  1. if one lives life that is naturally human,he/she is always morally right. people who are morally right have pre-defined behavior or emotions for every circumstance.its automatic,one need not think of suppressing emotions for certain instance.

    everyone’s mind has certain space based on their intellect,this space comes into picture when it comes to bearing pain,suppressing emotions and this space defines how much patience you have.

    am not a spiritual guru or philosopher by profession.am a 24 yr old medical student.when i was kid ,i had lots of unanswered questions like you.i din’t read books or i din’t ask others to answer my questions.i started thinking on my own and i found answers for every question.being self-learned makes a person thinker and his/her mind is first rate.when you have first rate mind,you will know what to do when it comes to suppressing emotions.generally silence and calmness prevails coz whatever you are doing is morally right.

    give me example of specific situation,i will give you definite answer.at the end of the day,i do recommend people to be self-learned.

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