THANK YOU is too small for YOU… !!!!!!!!


“Thank you” is a way of expression & defining it as big/small is ridiculous. Probably this blog is about some methodology for measuring it. So, let’s see what this is all about?

Well, if we look back for past few days, few months or rather few years & think of instances, where we really felt the “urge” to say “Thank you”, we will get a clearer picture.

I utter “Thank you” when someone opens door for me, holds on the lift for me, shopkeeper hands over my goods, conversation on phone for some official purpose, when some stranger helps/ co-operates and the list goes on.

Dictionary meaning defines –THANK YOU as “A polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer.”


But, how often do we THANK our closed ones?

Our Mom who cares for us day & night… our Mom/spouse who cooks delicious food for us everyday… our father who cares & guides us on each & every step in this walk of life…our siblings who share all our joys & sorrows… & our best friends who stand by us come what may. How many times do we utter “Thank you”… how many times we give them a “Thank you” note…how many times …?

These are the people who have touched our life, who have made our life worthy & joyful, who have made us feel special, who have given us a feeling that is priceless & beyond comparison. For these people, “Thank You” seems to be too small & too formal.

I am dedicating this blog to all those “Very Special” people around me.


I know you all don’t need words to describe your value, you are not expecting any sort of Thanks from me because what you do for me is unconditional & without any expectation.  I don’t need to express in words / acknowledge what you do for me because you are too close to read my thoughts & see my happiness.

But, today I am just giving a try to tell you how “Special” you are? I am falling short of words to describe how great you are? But, I would just list down few cherishable moments, that bought a smile on my face, happiness in my heart, & of course the pleasure of having you in my life:

–          I love the way you care

–          I love the way you share

–          I love the way you understand

–          I love the way you guide

–          I love the way you motivate

–          I love the way you inspire

–          I love the thoughtful discussions we share

–          I love the way you trust me

–          I love the way you celebrate my happiness

–          I love the way you encourage

–          I love the way you appreciate

–          I love the way you divide my sorrows

–          I love the way you stand by me in my tough times

–          I love the way you show concern

–          I love the way you convince

–          I love the way you forgive

–          I love the way you support

–          I love the way you are always there, even if we are miles apart & the frequency with   which we talk is rare

How can I just say “THANK YOU” for all of the above? But, I want to show my gratitude by letting you know that:







21 thoughts on “THANK YOU is too small for YOU… !!!!!!!!

  1. This is a GREAT post. SO true that we take things for granted, and forget to thank those people who spend their lives favoring us! Our mom, dad, friends, siblings, everybody! ‘Thankyou’ for this post! 😉


  2. Ah, It’s nice, and it’s always a good thing to say “Thank You” even if no one comments or anything, because in your heart you know that people would have read it. ;]


  3. Your post is so very wonderful and so full of love…it will multiply with its touch of each reader and they will bless another in turn. There is a very special joy in reading your words…God bless and have a wonderful weekend!


    • Hey… I am really excited 2 read the way you have described this post… It really feels great to see my thoughts getting acknowledged in such a beautiful manner..
      Thanks for your wishes 🙂 & May GOD bless u & your dear ones too… !!


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