“Honesty is the best policy.”

What if that honesty is misused by others?

What if that honesty hurts others?

What if that honesty is misinterpreted?

What if that honesty lands you in trouble?

2 thoughts on “# 5 : HONESTY

  1. to be frank,your questions are funny and childish.am being honest here.did i hurt you.

    being honest makes your life transparent and free from stress caused by faulty life.my dad was honest government official and people in my town din’t had any misery coz their work and development was done efficiently without bribing single penny.for a honest official ,living on salary back home is tough life coz corrupt officials kids can afford better things than honest official kids.being honest is morally right and right way of life.perfect life is all about not believing in two principles”survival of fittest” and “to err is human”.

    when you are honest in corrupt world,you have to face all kinds of problems.honest people face all these problems coz it gives them peace before death and while dying.people will know the value of honesty in their personal and social life only when they are cheated by others.

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    • First of all, thanks for your comments & there is nothing like hurting or offending. Hi…
      When I am writing here on a public platform, it means I am leaving the readers free to comment, criticize & give their opinions.
      Yes, this may sound kiddish to you… and it would have appeared the same to me a few months ago.. but life sometimes present such weird experiences in front of us that we are shaken to the roots. What seemed crystal clear and simple to us starts looking hazy and confusing at times.
      I truly agree that honesty gives us inner satisfaction & peace, it helps me live with dignity… but at times it makes me appear innocent, dumb, fool and people start taking advantage of it.
      We shall always speak truth..but “when and where” shall be decided wisely.

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