“VALENTINE’S DAY”- What does it mean?


With the “Valentine’s Day” approaching what’s up in your mind?

1)      Who will be my Valentine?

2)      What to gift?

3)      How to make this day special?

4)      What’s so special in a day…it’s just one more day?

5)      Hey, it’s a kids thing…c’mon we are grown- ups now.

6)      This is a girl’s thing… this day…that day…and it’s not just a day…its complete week…we poor guys 😦

7)      It’s a time to express your love to your love.

8)      It’s a festival that needs to be celebrated religiously to show our respect to great St. Valentine.

9)      It’s nothing more than a business now…lots of pomp & show- lights, dance, gifts, music.. This is not really what one needs to express love with.

10)   Doesn’t matter at all… can run into celebration if time & circumstances permits & can sit peacefully at home if that’s the need of time?

There can be several other options…several other opinions…several other views on how you look forward for “Valentine’s Day- The Special Day that falls on 14th of Feb. every year”.

But, it somehow seems that the essence & purity of the day is fading somewhere in loud music & disco lights, in glittery gifts & sweet chocolates.

va-day (1)

True love does not wait for a particular day…true love does not have to search for valentine deliberately … true love does not needs a token of gift… true love is one that is felt & understood its own way.  For school kids & college guys, it’s just fun…& for some elders it becomes a vulgar way of showing love..But actually, VALENTINE’S DAY was all about sacrifice for the sake of humanity & for the sake of justice.

The origin of this day lies with great St. Valentine sacrificing his life for the sake of others. The history & origin of “Valentine’s Day” is not clear as there are different legends associated with different parts of world & different phases of time. But, one instance that can be evidenced at several places is that “St. Valentine was a priest in Rome. When Emperor decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives & families, St. Valentine stood against this injustice. He performed marriages of these young soldiers. But, his actions were discovered by Emperor and he was put to death.”

“St. Valentine sacrificed his life for his love to humanity.”

Now, it’s on us how to respect & how to celebrate this day, as it is not just an epitome of love for your sweetheart. In many countries a trend has started to communicate the feeling of love to a parent, a child, a sibling or a friend. Everyone needs to be loved, and often many relationships are taken for granted, but on Valentine’s Day each one can make an extra effort to express these emotions in a special way.



So, in the end we are left with a puzzled answer- The day is one but meanings are different. It would be nice if you can share what it means to you?

48 thoughts on ““VALENTINE’S DAY”- What does it mean?

  1. Everyday is Valentine’s Day for my boyfriend (another WP blogger here) and I. We spoil each other with creative things and sweet messages. Valentine’s Day will be just another day for us because on that day, we’ll be doing things to each other we already do any other day in expressing our love for each other. Great blog!


  2. hey ankanksha,

    nice blog and you have nicely expressed your views. I think its not only the love towards our beloved part, but also towards the humanity and how we serve our purpose being here on this earth. It’s also essential to know whether do we remain the same or do we give equal justice by being honest throughout our lives.

    Keep blogging…



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  4. Valentines day to me is not a big deal because I’m single with no real aspiration to change that in right now.
    However, you are correct to say “love doesn’t wait for a [certain] day”
    Love is felt all year and expressed all year(or should be) but because of industry, advertisements, and this “its all about me, and my life” attitude that has been put into motion, those of us who are single or in “casual” relationships feel the pressured to conform to the mold that society has laid out for us.
    Suddenly the scene has changed from “let me do this for you, for no reason, except that I love you” to ” do this for me, now, because you should love me, I’m so great after all”
    And then if you don’t do something, there’s a fit thrown!
    People have made the grave error of seeing an act of kindness, of love, as something they SHOULD get. They entitle themselves. Now I’m obligated to be nice cause if I’m not, I’m a cruel jerk! Isn’t being kind and loving the OPTION that makes love great? Because, I don’t HAVE to love you, but I DO. That should be enough and all else is a beautiful description OF that love, not a requirement.
    Simply crazy. I stay level headed and just vanish into angry doodling or reading a book on V day!
    Just My opinions. 🙂


    • hi…its nice to read your thoughts…really liked the line And then if you don’t do something, there’s a fit thrown!”… Seriously, some people have made it appear like, work / duty & not just a way of expression…Its really ridiculous to see that people try to bind love, emotions & feelings by rules.. by laws…but they are expressed best if we let them flow freely the way we like…


  5. I think Valentines Day should be everyday, but I think it’s great that there is one day specified for the act of love, because I feel like maybe the person that doesn’t feel love everyday might feel it that day. I love Valentines Day I think it gets everybody all giving and love able… And I like hearts lol


  6. It is easy to get pulled in to the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. I can’t blame the jewelry stores and florists for wanting to make a buck, but genuine sacrificial love rises above Hallmark cards and chocolates. Of course, my wife still expects a little token of my love and I won’t let her down.


    • Hey…thanks for sharing your views..& ofcourse, celebrating the day & making it memorable by gifting a token of gift is a nice way to celebrate…only thing is while giving & receiving gifts…one should understand the love behind..
      A rose petal given with love is more precious than a diamond given with burden & pressure.. & if there is true love this understanding comes on its own… Wish u & ur wife a wonderful time ahead…Enjoy…!!!!!!!!


  7. Very nice post! I had never really heard how Valentine’s Day originated, and it was interesting to learn from you about St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day to me is just a special day for expressing the same love that is there all year round. 1 Corinthians 13 expresses love so beautifully, and now I like to think that St. Valentine demonstrated that very kind of love.


    • Thanx for your comments… and u have really framed it so well — “a special day for expressing the same love that is there all year round” 🙂 Wish u a happy time ahead..!!


  8. Nice post!

    Valentine’s Day for me is a day where I say to people “Happy Thursday!”. I think birthdays, anniversaries and another occasions are far more special than Valentine’s Day.

    There is certainly a vibe in the air, and I do embrace it, but do that everyday and you will feel MUCH better =)


  9. I like how you call back to the origins but as you say, it doesn’t matter. Love is love. Run with it. It’s what the day was for ans should always be. Advice for life right there


  10. I look at Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to give love. Of course, I give to my husband and children, but I try to find ways to show love to as many people as I can. It’s something I want to do anytime of year but its good to have time to focus on it.


    • Hey…its great to know you have caught the essence of the day… Its all about celebrating the day with your loved ones..& your opinion about it being a special day dedicated to “focus” on our near & dear ones is really a valid point.


  11. I absolutely love LOVE, but think that Valentine’s Day is too much pressure. When we recognize that our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we’ll ever have and we begin to treat ourselves with as much love and adoration as we’d like to receive from a partner, every day is Valentine’s Day. When we begin to cultivate more love for ourselves, more love floods our world. Give it a shot!
    Here’s to us all being our very own Valentine!
    So much Love and many blessings!


  12. I absolutely hate it when all those commercials start bombarding us about Valentine’s Day. In fact, Valentine’s Day has been blown out of proportion by retailers in an effort to make more money. It has turned into a way to make people (sadly this means mostly men) feel huge amounts of guilt if they don’t spend tons of money and time to buy their loved one the “perfect” gift.

    My hubby and I express our love for each other every single day and every so often we’ll give each other a small gift — it doesn’t have to be anything much, just something we saw that made us think of each other. I have even been known to bring him some flowers because he enjoys that too. 😉

    I agree with you, Akanksha, that “True love does not wait for a particular day…true love does not have to search for valentine deliberately … true love does not needs a token of gift… true love is one that is felt & understood its own way.”



    • Hi Anna..

      Thanks for sharing your views.. & its lovely to know how you & your hubby keep looking for ways to fill your life with joys & love… 🙂 Wish you both a wonderful & joyful time ahead.. !!


  13. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I tend to be pretty sentimental and I love to make the day memorable for my family. The kids come downstairs in the morning and there will be a small box of chocolate and a card waiting for each of them. My husband has been known to buy me flowers which I love (usually the only time of year I have flowers in the house). I will make a special dinner and put out candles to make dinner more special. It means a lot for the family to really feel loved and cared for. On Valentine’s Day, I go a bit overboard, but the day is always special. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the topic. I really enjoyed reading the post. 🙂


  14. lovely to hear your thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Here in the UK, Valentines is maybe not quite as commercialised as in other parts of the world! For me, it is about taking a day to recognise my loved ones by giving a small gift, usually something handmade! It can also be a good excuse for chocolate for breakfast! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


    • Hi…Its nice to know about UK celebrations…its really a nice idea of gifting something “handmade”… poured with all your lovely feelings 🙂 Wish u also a wonderful & happy V-Day ahead…!!


  15. Valentine’s Day is a special day that reminds you how lucky you are to have loved ones around you. I remember when I was single, my dad told me to invite all my single friends over and he cooked us a beautiful meal that included wine. This year, I am happy to say that I am with someone and it’s always fun to dress up, go out and have a good time 🙂


  16. “But, it somehow seems that the essence & purity of the day is fading somewhere in loud music & disco lights, in glittery gifts & sweet chocolates..” I do agree with your beautiful blog and especially this line is absolutely right! Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought and indeed happy to get your feedback on my blog 🙂


  17. Valentine’s day!!!!
    A day of love!!!Sacrifice and compromise is another name of Love. But till what I feel, love need not be expressed only one day. It can be expressed anytime, anyhow and anywhere. The more simpler way we express our love, more sweet and amazing it feels. And yah..love can be for anyone. Valentines day is not only for couples but also for all singles too. Singles can express their love to their parents, friends, and the things they love. Couples express their love in different ways. But ‘Valentine day’ and ‘love’ of young generation is just another game. A game to play with feelings and cash. There are also couples where both love each other in true essence. For such couples, valentine day hardly matters. They do not need any one particular day to express love. Every day is valentines day for them. What today’s youth does is: try to impress him or her in some extra-ordinary way by spending loads of cash. Is this love? Accepting someone the way they are, is what love is!!!love is more of orders and rules today. but true love doesnt have any orders and rules. “WE” is the word normally used in LOVE. if I was told to celebrate valentine day with my guy (i dont know who he is!!!) i would just go on a drive with him or wear something which he likes or cook something of his choice. Simple but sweet!!!! If i feel like investing something for him, i may do that too… but no show off. just something simple.

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  18. Valentine’s Day is all about family love for us. My husband and I are sweethearts, but we extend our celebration of love to our children and the rest of our families. It’s not just about a boy and a girl, it’s about everyone we love.


  19. Valentine is a time to express your feelings with gestures. Often times the words “I love you” seem over used, and it’s easy to take them for granted. However, on Valentine’s day, those words come to life and are seen in the gifts we present our loved ones.
    I do agree the day is losing its significance, but I am also happy that others are seeking the truth behind all the sales and glitter! 🙂
    In my country Valentine’s is also celebrated with fanfare, and even though I’m celebrating alone this year, I know it’ll be fun just to watch and spend it with my friends and family. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


  20. well valentine— a way to recognise & remind you, that love is actually all around us. I can feel it in my fingers & i am feeling it in my toes, love is all around me & the feeling keep on grows.

    happy finding!!!!


  21. Happy Valentine,
    I celebrate Valentine day because Love is not limited only to lovers but to every relation and every person. I feel the love continues not only today but every day of our lives. Because St. Valentine died for he loved the soldiers and showed it in his way. and because it goes out to you too for loving one and another and making this place a better place. May God bless you and your family. Love you and your sister. Take care, Anci.


  22. Hey..nicely written…even i do not believe in celebrating love on one single day as love is expressed in many ways and it can be any day. But it’s so commercialised that one tends to feel happy when they receive some gift on this day!!

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