|| Uncovering Illusions ||

It has been rightly said,
It’s not good times but bad,
That show those who are actually near,
And if for them you are really dear.

Distances do not define nearness,
Nor does the relations define dearness,
One who appears close, may be far,
One who is far may be close

For the one who is bereaved,
The advice to look ahead,
And to move on,
Holds no meaning.

Those who say, that sorrow and pain,
Come and go away,
Those who tell, you just need to look,
At the positive side.
They are the people that do not see?
The storm of emotions inside.

When you are mourning after,
Losing your near and dear,
Knowing you can never hear,
You can never be near,
Is it comparable with?
Any other pain or fear.

Is it same as losing job?
Or Losing money,
Or Losing marks,
Or Losing any competition?

Is it reversible?
Can my positive thinking,
Completely turn it over,
Can we forget it like a nightmare?

I wonder,
HOW? –
What can be changed?
Can be compared to,
What can’t be changed?
HOW? –
What can be controlled?
Is compared to,
What can’t be controlled?

Anyone who has experienced the grief,
Can understand the turmoil of emotions,
Only they know how it feels,
To live with the wound that never heals.

And, there are few,
Who have not experienced grief,
But still,
Who are sensitive enough,
And compassionate enough,
To understand, what you are going through.

They feel for you,
And do not judge you.
They just listen to you,
They don’t educate you.
They just stay with you,
And don’t command you.

They are the ones,
Who will not ask you to suppress,
But, to express.
They listen to you,
And to understand your pain,
They often sacrifice their joys,
To offer their shoulder,
For you to cry.

But, there are other,
Insensitive people too,
Who don’t want to see you grieving,
Simply because they are people of good days.
They don’t want to stand by you,
Looking at your tears and fears.

Some say, they are weak to face it,
And I wonder,
How they still expect,
Me to accept it.
They can see me crying,
And feel disturbed,
They don’t see the pain behind,
Those endless tears.
They suggest me to keep my emotions,
Buried inside me,
Because they can’t witness,
The release of these.

And some just walk away,
Leaving the grieving behind the way,
As they focus on fun and celebrations
And prefer to break relations,
With those who are grieving,
With those who are mourning.

They are not humans,
They do not have emotions,
They do not have hearts,
Or may be a stone heart

For me, any insensitive person,
Is not even a distant relation.
Only those with humanity,
Will be part of my community.

I just ask God,
To give me a vision,
To find such people,
Who tend to be near,
But are actually far,
To keep me away from them,
And teach them a lesson,
For not hurting others.

And my God,
Answers me back,
I am watching all,
And I will not forgive at all,
As intensifying anyone’s pain,
Is the biggest sin,
Such people will face the worst,
In this world & other world
Just believe in ME,
And I will not break your trust.