What is Pain?
Is it a disease? No
Is it a behavior? No
Is it an emotion? No

Then, what is Pain?
Can you measure it? No
Can you see it? No
Can you feel it? Yes

What causes Pain?
It can be,
A physical injury? Yes
An emotional setback? Yes

So, how others perceive it?

Physical pain is mostly quantified,
By the blood you have shed,
The burns & bruises you had.
By your inability to move & run,
Your Difficulty to twist & turn.

But, the emotional pain is quantified,
By your actions leaving trace,
The expressions on your face,
By understanding the look in your eyes,
And the reflection in your voice.

Lots of advice pour in pain,
Like an unwanted rain,
The physical ones shall be suppressed,
By medicines & rest.
And emotional ones shall go to drain,
By modifying thinking patterns of your brain.

But, unless you have been through the pain,
You can’t define its intensity,
And also the curing possibility.
You cannot detach what causes Pain.
It’s a package deal,
That comes with your Body & Soul.

If one has to throw away the cause,
Then, for physical pains,
One shall, cut & throw the body parts,
And for emotional pains,
One shall leave the entire Body,
Because once the Soul sets free,
The pain vanishes entirely.

The Pain in my heart,
The Pain buried in,
Is so much intense,
So dense,
That you can’t even sense.

To deal with Pain,
Respect it.
When you feel the Pain,
Express It.