Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block? Probably, I will hear lot of “YES” response for this. Well, who can understand this better than a writer himself/herself?


“WRITING”- it is more of a passion than a profession. You can never compare it with a 9 to 5 office job. Be it blogging, article writing, content writing or book writing – nothing can be easily defined in a boundary of time and deadlines. Ideas start pouring in our brain all of a sudden, our creativity energizes and our pen gears up with a wonderful pace. It continues and we enjoy the journey. But, sometimes the journey comes to an unexpected “HALT”. Exactly in a same manner as your speeding car comes to a halt due to puncture or breakdown. And worst case is you don’t have a mechanic to set you back on journey. Most of the times, you keep struggling trying to find out, why there is a sudden black-out?


Where are all your ideas and thoughts? The more you think, the worse it gets. Writing is not something that can be done forcefully. It moves on at its own pace, at its own time, in its own way. And this changes as seasons change. There is a time when all circumstances are in your favor. But, then suddenly you may notice a change. Time changes abruptly, blocking all your writing skills – A WRITER’S BLOCK. It is really disappointing and depressing at times. Especially, when it continues for a longer duration. For someone who loves writing, this “block” is equivalent to starvation. It may sound funny to those who do not write. I hope my writer friends here, will surely understand the concern. You start feeling useless all of a sudden. You do your best efforts to keep yourself back on track – changing surroundings, changing topics, changing writing patterns, reading , interacting and what not.


This is seriously awful experience and scary too. This is what I am facing for quite a long time and was worried about. However, as I searched more on it, I got to know it’s not just “ME”. Almost everyone faces this at some point of time. People adopt different ways to deal with it and this is what I learnt from them. Do not “RUN” from it, instead learn to “OVERCOME” it. With more than 10 half-written topics, I was totally confused. I start every topic, with a new zeal & then I see its not taking a proper shape. I give up, take a break, relax and start afresh on a new topic. Months have passed with this exercise, and it’s driving me crazy now. There is nothing worse than loosing all hope. So, today again I stood up, to fight against my “Block”. “YES” – nothing is impossible, nothing is permanent & nothing is difficult.


I have to get away of my fears, I have to get away of my “WRITER’S BLOCK”.

So, before starting my half-left topics, I felt why not, I shall start with my fear first. I am here writing about this “WRITER’S BLOCK” and I would love to have your experiences, your guidance, and your ways of dealing with it.

It’s always easy to walk on a smooth road,

Challenge is to walk on a rocky road.

It’s always easy to drive a perfect car

Challenge is to fix an unfit car for driving.

It’s always easy to enjoy autumn season,

Challenge is to enjoy the chills & the burns too.

It’s always easy to do your best in favorable circumstances,

Challenge is to do your best in unfavorable times too.

It’s always easy to run away from difficulties,

Challenge is to stand strong & face them.

It’s always easy to climb up to peak.

Challenge is to stay there without falling.

It’s always easy to welcome success,

Challenge is to welcome failures

And be confident that

Beyond them lies your success.

And the biggest challenge is,


Today, I am taking my Writer’s Block as a challenge, and I am confident that I will be able to overcome it with my faith, confidence, determination and will power.





5 years on WP


58 BLOGS ,


1000 + LIKES,



And Visitors / Viewers across the Globe !!

Well, it was great to see a CONGRATS message for my 5th Anniversery on WORDPRESS. Five years of association, it has to be overwhelming but in actual I had a mixed reaction on reading it.

I am really grateful for the platform that WordPress provided me, and equally thankful to all my WordPress buddies here whose constant support, comments , appreciations and criticisms have helped in crafting out a better writer out of me. The regular interaction & sharing of thoughts have given a new direction to my thinking and have kept my spirits high , provoking me to write more and more. These 5 years of journey has been inspiring and enjoyable except the last lap, where I started facing the most terrible phase of “Writer’s Block”.

But, the Anniversery notification from WordPress did it’s part, igniting my sleeping brain & instructing it to get up. On this 5th Anniversery, all I want is to continue my association for many more years to come. So, its time to write, time to interact, time to expand my circle on WordPress & I am sure I WILL DO IT !!

A writer’s mind



Now, this is a topic raised by most of my readers. For those who are just readers there is always a curiosity to know how does one writes.

How you choose topic?

How you start writing?

How much time it takes?

How many drafts you make before the final post?

Do you think first or you just start writing?

And the list goes on….

Well, for me, writing is a hobby, a passion. I love writing and reading. What all I write about revolves around the things & circumstances happening with or around me. I keep observing and analyzing, finding reasoning & conclusions and this where I get my topics from. Once, this exercise is done and I get something good enough to jot down, I just pick up my laptop and start recollecting my thoughts to put them in words. It usually takes around half an hour for the first draft & then I spend some more time polishing it, formatting it, & of course choosing an appropriate image to accompany it. And then I hit the “publish” button & it’s done.

Thereafter, I eagerly wait for people to give their opinions on them. I mostly write about how I think of people, circumstances & world around us…what I interpret of it…& what my approach is…  I am not perfect and so is with my thoughts..In fact, for most of things we cannot just define a boundary line of right & wrong, it is more about what pleases you and your conscious. So, when I pour my feelings here on blogs, I get different views, different ideas which at times changes my outlook and at times it helps me justify that I am on a right path.

I have been also asked what if my writing & ideas are criticized. Well, I would just say, that I do look at criticism as a favor to me. It gives me a direction and scope for improvement.  It shows a path forward. I am not perfect & such comments help me in moving one step closer to perfection. So, all positive comments shows me I am on right track, all negative ones help me change my track & this is how I move ahead in my journey.

But, this goes well with blog. For writing a book one needs lot of patience, lot of hard work & I believe it’s really a tough task. I have tried doing so several times but no success so far.

So, it’s my request to all my wordpress buddies to share their experiences about writing – a blog, a poem, a book. On this platform of writers & readers it would be really great to know about your “writer’s mind” too.




Wish you all a happy time ahead in this “WORLD OF WORDS”.. 🙂

Keep posting…Keep writing…Keep reading..!!

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