“One” or “MANY” ?


“One” or “MANY” – The question was raised in context of “BEST” Friend / Friends.

To reach the answer, first step is to define what or who a Best friend is?

Well, my previous blog defines this clearly. These are all those “Special” people who are not connected to us by blood relations, who are not a part of our family but still holds a very significant place & position in our lives. They are the ones who are with us in our joys & sorrows, who are with us even when they are miles apart, who care & share, who trust & understand, who encourage & motivate, who support & forgive, and whose company gives us so much joy & comfort that is beyond comparison.

Here are few instances, for you .

To Whom you will tell / had told when:

–          You got very good marks?

–          You cleared an entrance exam?

–          You got a great job offer?

–          You found your life partner?

–          You got a new car, new home or even a new puppy?

–          You were punished for mischief in class?

–          You met an accident?

–          You are disturbed with office politics?

–          You are disturbed with family politics?

–          You are in some terrible trouble?

–          You are fired out of your job?

–          You are unable to decide – What next?

–          You are depressed & disappointed by some bad experiences in your life?

–          You lose trust & faith in yourself?


BEST FRIENDS – The word is so magnificent & the relation is so Wonderful.

You can shout at them, you can laugh with them, you can cry with them, you can irritate them, you can eat up their time & brains, you can express all that you feel…  They are the ones with whom “YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU ARE”.

No formalities, no ifs & buts, no complaints, no expectations.


Now, the next step – Can we have only one such person or can we have a bunch of people around us in this category?

The word “BEST” itself supersedes all standards of Good & Better. The word itself signifies its importance & uniqueness.

So, in my quest to search for this One & Only One Best Friend, I tried to explore all my Special Friends.  I came across few questions –

Who I will choose if I have to choose One ? — “I thought & thought & thought but I could not place one over another. All are important, all are special in their own way.”

Who will I go with if I have to leave all others & go to an Island ? — “ Well , I will not go along with my best friend but with my life partner probably.”

Who will I choose if whole world is coming to an end and only two can be left? — “Again, Life partner & if bachelor I will chose my best friend & his/her life partner & let them go. In case of multiple best friends, I will just close my eyes & pick up one.”

And then I concluded that yes, we can have multiple “Best Friends”

Earlier, I used to see my life on a two-dimensional plane.  There were people around me—family & friends occupying their own space. And there was little room left for my best friend, it was as if I have to remove one, create a void, and give that place to a new person if required.

But, then with experiences, with circumstances, my outlook changed. It’s never a conflict of who is on top and who is on bottom; it’s never a conflict of creating / reserving space for friends. We get different friends in different phases of life, all of them unique & special in their own way. So, if I got a “Best friend” in school, it does not over rules the possibility of getting another “best friend” in college / job, nor, does it means that I am diminishing the value of my already existing “best friend”.

The vision broadned from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.

Now, I view myself as a center of sphere. There are several concentric spheres around me, on their circumference there is lots & lots of space to accommodate more people. Also, there can be several spheres depending on type of relation & degree of closeness. Also, there can be several people on the same sphere holding the same importance in your life.

This is how I view and how I justify the fact of having several “BEST FRIENDS”. It would be great to hear your experiences & your views also on the same.