What YOU Want?

Let us start with a few basic questions for you all:

1) What you want?
2) Why you want?
3) For whom you want?
4) What if you do not get what you want?

Look at your past and try to capture all instances that you can recall. It can be anything. Peace of mind, good health, good job, huge salary, car, home, power, fame, etc. etc. This gives the answer to our first question.

Now, ask yourself “Why”? Is it a necessity? Is it a luxury? Or is it a matter of status symbol?
Above answer can further be classified by the response on third one – “For WHOM? Is it for yourself? Your own requirement, satisfaction or contentment? Is it for your family, relatives, friends? Is it to serve them or show them?”
And last but not the least, go back and imagine not getting what you want. What could have been the possible repercussion in that scenario? How it would have made an impact on your living?

Enough of thought process for my readers. Now, let’s come to the point.

As per my analysis, more than 50% of the things we want are for the sake of showing to society. What they will think, what they will say guides our actions. These are the things which we particularly do not need for a living, but just to maintain a status quo. And this means our life is controlled by this society.


I know some of you are still not convinced. There are more questions for you.

1) Suppose you get a choice of choosing a small segment car and a high segment luxury car. You need not bear the price and it will be chauffeur driven. Which one you will choose?

Answer 1: Of course the luxury car! It will put a good impression on my social circle.

Answer 2: Any car will do. I am not getting the driving experience, so it hardly makes a difference provided the passenger seats are equally comfortable.

2) Suppose you get a choice of choosing from an invisible Jewellery. It’s good, heavy, beautiful, costly. You can wear it, feel it, see it. But, nobody else can see it. Will you like to buy it?

Answer 1: No way. What’s the use if no one else can see it.

Answer 2: ??

No other answer exists. Jewelry is just to show around.
Isn’t it peculiar. There are hundreds of people around you who don’t even get a daily meal. But, you get contentment not in providing them a meal, but in boasting around with your costly jewelry. I know it will sound foolish to many, but the fact stays the fact. And the fact is:



It’s time to think before it’s too late.

What do you want from yourself, your life?
What gives you satisfaction and contentment?
What you enjoy and like to do?
What is it without which you feel your life is incomplete?





Happy Friendship Day … !!


Hi Friends…!!
Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day…!!

Friendship—It is one of the most beautiful & amazing relationship.

Where you are what you are,
Where you do what you want,
Where you talk what you feel,
And where you act the way you like.

Where you give and take,
without any expectations,
without any boundations,
without any questions,
& without any reasons.

Where there are no formalities,
No excuses,
No complaints,
No explanations.

Where you may be miles apart,
Where you may not talk for months,
But when you talk, when you meet,
It seems like you were never away.

Where you feel happy,
To see other happy,
And where you are ready do anything,
To make the other happy.

The first place where you knock,
When in need or trouble,
The first person you rely on,
In your difficult times.

Where all you have is trust,
And Confidence in each other.

A bond forever,
A bond so cherish able,
A bond worth praising,
A bond so amazing.

Blessed are those, who get an opportunity to find good friends and I am one of those blessed one.

Thank you friends, for being with me, for making my life more meaningful, for letting me who I am, for forgiving all my mistakes, for standing by me whenever in need, for making me strong, and for making me HAPPY.. 🙂

Love You All…!!

May you get all the happiness & joys of life..!!

Once again, A HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY…!!!!!!!!!


The Importance of: “I” Vs “V”

blog I V

What is “I”?….

Who am “I”?….

What “I” have done?….

What “I” can do?….

“I” is my existence…. “I” is my individuality….

“I” am myself….. “I” am unique….

“I” have been doing so many tasks in the past…. Tasks “I” did with my own hands and with my own “brains” … “I” am responsible for all of those…. “I” am there to take its credits & “I” am there to take its negatives…

“I” can do whatever “I” want…whenever “I” want….whichever way “I” want…

“I” have full control on myself & my thinking…

Above is the misconception that most of us have…the illusion in which we dwell…..But if “I” don’t do anything…why am “I” praised and why am “I” blamed….? Who is there behind me controlling all these actions..? Well,  “I” am just a puppet…who moves the way GOD wants me 2 move….It is “HE” who creates different circumstances……it is “HE” who infuses different thoughts in my Mind…..So, its always “WE” who are responsible for our actions….

Now, does that mean all credit & all blames of our deeds goes to “HIM” ? If yes, how & why are we expected to improve?

This is because human mind has the ability to control its senses…to give a direction to his thinking & his deeds…but in this course of action we should always remember the fact that we are supposed to make rightful efforts for our actions…..and leave its fruits on GOD…..We should surrender all the results on the wish of GOD….Be it positive or negative…..& just focus on our efforts to strive for following the right path…

Always remember that “I” represents “We”..

Sometimes “We” represent ourselves & wishes of “God”…

Sometimes “We” represent our family…

Sometimes “We” represent our friends…

Sometimes “We” represent our department…

Sometimes “We” represent our society…

Sometimes “We” represent our school/college/office…

Sometimes “We” represent our country…

And the few times when I feel that “I” represents “ME”…..those are the times when you surrender yourself to the attribute called “Ahankar” … “Ego”…. “ Excessive Pride” of your doings…. Of thinking that whatever is done by your hands is actually done by you….. The feeling which says.. “I” have done this…. And “I” am super than others in crowd… and yes…you are right in some aspect.

You may not be super…but you are really different …..For this feeling of “Ego”…. takes you away from group…away from your own people… and you stand alone…firmly & rigidly….

Leaving behind the power and flexibility of “We”…leaving behind the togetherness & belongingness…and leaving behind the world that is not just built by “You” and “Me” but by a special world called “We”…. !! 🙂