Embracing GRIEF ()

Grief comes with no definition,
Grief comes with no medication,
Grief comes with no limitation,
Grief comes with no saturation,

Grief comes with no lies,
But only with pure ties,
It is as real as our existence,
It is as pure as God’s existence,

Grief knows no excuses,
Grief understand no logic,
Grief only knows to express,
Grief do not know how to suppress,

Grief is actually a cushion,
To let you walk on a thorny path.
Grief is actually a ventilator,
To help you breathe amidst suffocation.

Grief is actually a ray of hope,
To help you see in the dense darkness.
Grief is actually a holding stick,
To support you hold a heavy heart.

Do not run away from Grief,
Grieving is not a crime.
Learn to live with it.
Embrace Grief.