Predicting the UNPREDICTABLE


How often have you tried to figure out, what next..? what if..?

What’s going to happen in future?

It’s a common question and I think everyone is engulfed with such questions at some point of time. Every human tries to predict about what’s coming ahead, based on situations, based on circumstances & of course, based on experiences.


It’s always good to plan your future, to look forward for what lies ahead, to be prepared for what you may have to face tomorrow.

But, does the life moves the way we see it? – “NO”, because when we look at future we frame some ‘situation’ on our own & predict all pros & cons revolving around that. But, the thing is that the ‘situation’ itself is “UNPREDICTABLE.”

So, what we thought may not happen at all.

Now, does that mean we shall only dwell in our present & shall not bother about future? – “YES/NO”?

We cannot generalize the question and we cannot generalize the answer. We have to plan certain things. Future planning is necessary to build a steady path & stable life ahead. But, we cannot plan & define everything. So, in this quest of future planning we shall always remember that the world will not move the way we like / we thought it to be. We shall therefore, leave certain things to move the way they are moving.

Water flows at its best without obstructions. If we place our finger in path of flowing water, it swirls here and there. Same goes with life. It’s better to let it move the way it is moving, if we try to intervene it starts taking a haphazard, jumbled shape. Sometimes, we lose focus of our actual target & actual track & keep moving round & round in a confined space exploring different possibilities. At times we may also land up converting a smooth clear path into a complex, puzzled road leaving us lost & confused.


We shall be ready to accept the fact that we don’t have control over everything and everyday comes with a new beginning, a new challenge, a new change, a new struggle, a new lesson & a new experience. We shall happily welcome these changes & be ready to accept & face whatever lies ahead.

One must always:


hope for best