Uttrakhand Floods – – – – Is GOD Angry?

    BEFORE     —-


    AFTER     —-

flood hit

Uttrakhand Floods – The heart-breaking, pathetic picture painted by these floods have left most of the people shaken & terrified.

Kedarnath & Badrinath – One of the most sacred place for Hindus, the place where devotees go with the feeling of forgiveness for their sins & mistakes, with the feeling of thanking GOD for the life HE gave, with the feeling of devoting themselves to GOD’s service, with the feeling of giving honor & respect to Almighty GOD.

Why… Why this anger on GOD’s own devotees?

Why… Why this happened at a place where people visit so that their lives become smooth & happy?

Why… Why even innocent children (who are believed to be pure & free of sins)?

Why… Why the whole families got swept away?

Why… Why so many are left…waiting for their parents, children, brother, sister? Why…Why are they deprived of performing even their last rituals?

Those who have escaped…say…its Almighty GOD who saved them, they have developed a strong belief in HIM.

But, those who lost their near & dear ones… can they accept it easily thinking it the wish of GOD?

We cannot think, all those lost had done some sin. We cannot think, dying at a sacred place will give them “MOKSHA” (Freedom from birth, re-birth cycle). It’s a huge mass of people that is affected and it is difficult to think all of them saw this day for the reasons stated above.

Then what was it? Was it destiny? India has best of Astrologers, but then why didn’t anyone predict such thing, if it was destined to happen?

GOD is always said to be kind, to do all for good, but how to find positive in this situation?

There are natural calamities, earthquakes, floods, cyclones – and there are innocent people who die in these. Even those are hard to accept.

But, when it happens at one of the most sacred place, it becomes even more difficult to accept & understand.


What message HE want to leave with this?

Does HE want to remind us that it is HE who controls this world?

Does HE got angry with the business done on HIS name?

Does HE got angry with the over- enhancement of roads, helicopters, shops, hotels?

Does HE got angry because HIS peace is disrupted?

It is good to be GOD Fearing, to do all our deeds keeping in mind that HE sees us all.

But, it doesn’t seem to be fair to live in terror. People are so terrorized; they are having sleepless nights & bad dreams. It’s a pathetic situation even for those who survived.

GOD… Please….Please forgive us for all our sins.

Please show us the right path.

Please give peace to the affected families.

Please help in rescue of remaining victims.

Please give strength & courage to face all this.

Please be KIND.. !!