Who am I ?


Who am I, without you? ..
What am I, without you ?..
Where am I, without you?..

I am your shadow,
I can only exist with you..
I am your part,
I can only stay with you..
I am your dream,
I can only wake up with you..

You are my foundation,
I can only stand with you..
You are my soul,
I can only live with you..
You are my world,
I can only exist within you..

I know you are around, because,
I am still moving,
I am still breathing,
I am still living.

It’s your love that nurtures me,
It’s your presence that guides me.
It’s your hands that holds me,
It’s your hug that comforts me.

Love knows no dimensions,
Love knows no distances,
Love knows no boundaries,
My love for you,
Your love for me,
Is unconditional and eternal!!