“VALENTINE’S DAY”- What does it mean?


With the “Valentine’s Day” approaching what’s up in your mind?

1)      Who will be my Valentine?

2)      What to gift?

3)      How to make this day special?

4)      What’s so special in a day…it’s just one more day?

5)      Hey, it’s a kids thing…c’mon we are grown- ups now.

6)      This is a girl’s thing… this day…that day…and it’s not just a day…its complete week…we poor guys 😦

7)      It’s a time to express your love to your love.

8)      It’s a festival that needs to be celebrated religiously to show our respect to great St. Valentine.

9)      It’s nothing more than a business now…lots of pomp & show- lights, dance, gifts, music.. This is not really what one needs to express love with.

10)   Doesn’t matter at all… can run into celebration if time & circumstances permits & can sit peacefully at home if that’s the need of time?

There can be several other options…several other opinions…several other views on how you look forward for “Valentine’s Day- The Special Day that falls on 14th of Feb. every year”.

But, it somehow seems that the essence & purity of the day is fading somewhere in loud music & disco lights, in glittery gifts & sweet chocolates.

va-day (1)

True love does not wait for a particular day…true love does not have to search for valentine deliberately … true love does not needs a token of gift… true love is one that is felt & understood its own way.  For school kids & college guys, it’s just fun…& for some elders it becomes a vulgar way of showing love..But actually, VALENTINE’S DAY was all about sacrifice for the sake of humanity & for the sake of justice.

The origin of this day lies with great St. Valentine sacrificing his life for the sake of others. The history & origin of “Valentine’s Day” is not clear as there are different legends associated with different parts of world & different phases of time. But, one instance that can be evidenced at several places is that “St. Valentine was a priest in Rome. When Emperor decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives & families, St. Valentine stood against this injustice. He performed marriages of these young soldiers. But, his actions were discovered by Emperor and he was put to death.”

“St. Valentine sacrificed his life for his love to humanity.”

Now, it’s on us how to respect & how to celebrate this day, as it is not just an epitome of love for your sweetheart. In many countries a trend has started to communicate the feeling of love to a parent, a child, a sibling or a friend. Everyone needs to be loved, and often many relationships are taken for granted, but on Valentine’s Day each one can make an extra effort to express these emotions in a special way.



So, in the end we are left with a puzzled answer- The day is one but meanings are different. It would be nice if you can share what it means to you?